Monday, 2 April 2012

Slow Living 2012 - Month Three

I'm joining in with Christine at Slow Living Essentials for her review of the previous month.   I have been meaning to join in for the last two months but procrastinated until the month had disappeared!  Today is the first weekday of the school holidays (Yay) so now I have time to sit and think about this post.  If I'm to be honest, I think the category 'enhance' scared me a bit because I don't do much outside of looking after my family at the moment and even as I write this, I'm not sure what I will be listing under this category but I'll come up with something.

Here goes:-


We have been eating sourdough as often as I could make it.   We're starting to feel very ripped off every time we need to eat store bought.  It just doesn't satisfy us anymore.  Pumpkin soup, zucchini slice, biscuits and cakes and egg sandwiches all with mainly ingredients from our place.  Yay!


I've been making large batches of biscuits so I don't have to bake on school mornings.  We picked our first pumpkin and it was massive so I made a massive batch of pumpkin soup which is in the freezer.  I also roasted the pumpkin seeds.  I saved seeds from spring onions, cream coloured marigolds and, of course, pumpkin!


Our misguided (can I say that?!) council introduced rubbish collection on our small, out of the way, dirt road.  I was very disappointed because we don't often need to go to the tip due to our efforts to reduce our rubbish.  Now they are wasting precious fossil fuels coming up our road unnecessarily every week!  The upside is we can clearly see that our new little bin is only about a quarter filled each week.  I feel quite proud of this considering there are five of us in the house. 


I made a re-usable lunch order bag for my childrens' school lunches.  We washed and reused our bread bags for storing food.


I've planted cabbage, brussels sprouts, warragul greens, purple dragon carrots, onions,peas and broad beans.   I also sowed lettuce and  a batch of orange carrots that never showed their heads.  Oh, and the garlic went in!  We have been enjoying pumpkin, potato, zucchini and our chooks eggs.....


I made a pair of socks but shhhh!  I've been planning to do a post on my socks for ages.  I know I'll get to it soon.  I haven't got around to it yet because it's a long story.  My knitting has been a complicated and messy journey! 

My feet smell do they cheeky?!

I'll give you SMELLY!!!

Another healthy beetroot growing in the overgrown grass!  I always enjoy eating the plants that I had no hand in, more than any other.  It makes me feel that the fertility of our property is improving and that we are on our way to creating a food forest (in reality I am struggling as a gardener, but I love the vision!).


Ummmm.......  Really, I am community minded!  I am!  Ummmm..... Someone at the school thought my lunch order bags were a good idea and wondered if we could make them for all the kids.   (Does that count?)  I have registered for a T4321 morning tea to raise awareness of Down syndrome (and hopefully raise some money for Down Syndrome Victoria).  The event is actually going to be in April but I did register in March so hopefully I can use that as a loophole.


I could rave on all day here!  In March I really enjoyed my family and especially enjoyed my daughter arriving home from four months overseas!  I enjoyed my home and having more time than usual to actually be at home and embrace my role as a Stay at Home Mum.  Some of this is due to having more time and some of it to reading Rhonda's book.  I have enjoyed the gentleness of Autumn and watching the garden bloom afresh in the cooler weather.  I have also enjoyed the company of my wonderful friends.  This last month gave me several occasions to appreciate the importance and depth of a relationship with good friends. 

Wonderful friends!

As you can tell, I'm feeling very contented and gooey about life at the moment.  I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves as much as I am.


purplepear said...

Wow what a month and I do so love your socks. I only have the toe on the last one left to do.

Linda said...

Thanks Kate, I've given Rosie the matching sock for her pair. They are the ones that are in the same colour as yours. They are lovely colours and just her style! The toe takes no time so I expect I'll be seeing a pair on your feet soon!

Christine said...

Oh, Linda, you make me smile!! It's great to have you joining in. Your re-usable lunch order bag is just the sweetest idea and your socks look gorgeous!! :)

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I think you had a great month. And just remember that this is your community too. Everything that we share and the advice we give to each other is all about building our online community.

Serendipity2000 said...

Hi Linda. A great month and didn't you meet Rhonda Hetzl in March? Bring on the blog about the socks. They're amazing. Serendipity2000

Kathryn Ray said...

I love your socks! And the kiddo's face. :-)

The pumpkin soup sounds delicious and reminds me that I would like to plant a pie pumpkin vine this year.

Linda said...

Hi Christine, Thanks. It was an interesting exercise looking back over the last month. I look forward to the next one.

Thanks Fiona, you're right! This blogging is fantastic. And I've realised since posting that I took part in Earth Hour, helped at a working bee and a couple of other small things.

Hi Serendipity, No, I met Rhonda at the end of Feb. Thanks for the sock compliments. Yes must get to that post!

Hi Kathryn, Thanks and yes, I loved that photo. I'm so glad I snapped it as I tried to stick my foot in her face! Are pie pumpkins a particular kind?! I always thought you would just use any old pumpkin.

Practical Frog said...

Some times I find enhance community the hardest one to define/decide too - but then I look back at chatting to a mom at the markets who had a very tired wee cranky one with her and hope that I brightened her day even though I didn't know her or she me... that's enhancing community too I think! So if you are chatting to other Moms and Dads at school - I reckon your in!!!

Happy Easter! - Kara

city garden country garden said...

It sounds like you've got your winter planting all sorted, and worked out the secret art of growing pumpkins! I'm intrigued by the beetroot, was it self seeded or did you just scatter seed all around?

Linda said...

Hi City Garden, I allow my beetroot to go to seed and we've been getting an occasional beetroot in the grass for the last couple of years. I consider it my greatest gardening achievement because when we moved here, the yard was bare dirt with no topsoil! It's great to know that year by year our soil is improving.

Linda said...

Ooops, hi Practical Frog, sorry somehow I missed your comment. You know, you're right because I've even had conversations in supermarkets about reusable bags that got us talking about reusable lunch wraps and other ways to reduce rubbish. It all makes a difference, doesn't it?