Thursday, 12 April 2012


I have rabbited on for so long about wanting to write a post about my sock making.  It has been such a saga!  Twice I have sat and written about how I began.  Sock by sock, set of needles by set of needles.  Both times, after writing the posts, I read back through and they were the messiest posts I had ever written.  I couldn't even follow my own story.  Why?!  Because my sock making journey was one big, fat mess!!!

My first attempt!  Oh dear... maybe I could use elastic to hold them up!

Let it suffice to say that I had many failed attempts, refused to give up (some who know me mistakenly call me stubborn, surely they mean determined) and had five or six socks at some stage of completion before I finally managed to complete my first pair!

One of the socks I made for Rosie

Spotlight ran out of needles in the size I needed because I kept going back and buying more!!!

My first pair!!!

The photo above was taken on the 24th March.  In my mind, it was when I completed my first pair of socks on that day, I become an official knitter!

This is the one I am currently working on.  Buddy Boy insisted on being in the photo!
So it took me most of a year to 'get' the knitting from a pattern, but I did it!  Feels good!  Now to master spinning and crochet.........  And where do I start? The spinning so I have the yarn, or the crocheting with an op shopped ball so I have the skills to use the yarn?  Or perhaps I could try to knit a jumper now?  Choices, choices!


Stitchin' time said...

Love your stripey socks, and the assistant, and it sounds like you need a knitting bag so you know where all your needles and yarns are. You can only use one pair of needles at a time but it's helpful if you can always find them so you don't create a shortage at Spotlight :P.
I'd practice crocheting with any leftover yarn while you learn the gist of successful spinning.
Have fun :D!

Linda said...

Hi Robyn, Nice to hear from you. I don't think I explained myself very well. I wasn't losing my needles. I would knit until I got stuck and was too scared to take my unfinished knitting off the needles in case I dropped any sticthes! I have since worked out the frustrating art of picking up dropped stitches. In fact I would say that this skill is probably as important as knowing how to knit and pearl!

purplepear said...

Such beautiful knitting. You're amazing. to be knitting socks as a newbie knitter. It took me ages to tackle Double pointed needles. A beanie is a good first project for crotchet, I think.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Hi Linda love the socks, I now have 4 pairs, 2 knitted by my Nan 2 by my mother in law. Both of them knit on 4 or 5 bamboo needles. I am yet to learn but I just love them. How is buddy boy going at school? You were a bit anxious so would love to know how things are going.

Christine said...

woohoo! Your socks are beautiful, Linda! And your feet will be the toastiest in town.

Nice to see your little helper, too! :)