Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Rest

Hubby and I went away on the weekend.  Just the two of us!  It was NOT a simple thing to organise!  Our children are still quite time consuming and therefore hard to rehouse for a weekend.  (It's bit like trying to find someone to look after a lovable but over-enthusiastic puppy for a weekend)  We overcame this problem by dividing them up.  It took us over three hours to drop them all off and reach our destination!

The girls were delighted to be staying at Nanny and Poppy's for the weekend and Buddy Boy continued on with us to stay at Lou Lou's.  It was a beautiful and peaceful drive.

Please excuse the dashboard dust - hubby is in earthmoving so we don't even notice it anymore!
He loved being the centre of attention at his big sister's house, and he had a ball with his baby niece!  When the weekend ended we picked him up from a family fun day they had taken him to.  He was so happy that he didn't want to come home!

In the meantime, we had our child free weekend!  I was determined to continue our thoughtful living and not create heaps of rubbish (or spend a lot of money) just because I wanted an indulgent weekend.  It actually wasn't too hard either!  With a bit of forethought about what we would like to be eating, I was able to write a comprehensive list of ingredients and pack the necessary items from home.  We took a big esky, my favourite recipes and some clean tea towels and a couple of clean bread bags so that we wouldn't need to use the plastic wrap at the house we were staying.

We ate oysters kilpatrick, we ate platters of local (to our place) cheese, we ate sourdough bread that I made in preparation for our weekend.  We took eggs from our chooks for brekky and a free range chook (from the supermarket) was roasted on Saturday night.  I even brought the herbs from home.

Pardon me, Chooky!  Probably not your best angle!

We bought a couple of bottles of lovely wine from a fairly local winery, for whom I have a lot of respect.  They re-developed a natural wetlands and show a lot of interest in their environment!  All of this cooking was not a chore......   the house had my favourite Norah Jones CD, so with music playing and a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere, we enjoyed cooking together in a leisurely fashion.

So beyond the food?!   Well!  I took mending, knitting and spinning.  I think Hubby was quite surprised to see all the baskets of craft waiting to be packed into the ute, but I do need options!  Most of the weekend I played around with the spinning wheel.  I had my first attempt at plying.  The yarn was more like jute, but I had fun plying it.

Except this kept happening behind me.......

I have a lot to learn before I am a good spinner but I'm loving every moment!  I have been spinning at every opportunity since I got home, and my yarn is now much finer.  I became so excited that I finally went out and bought my first fleece this week.  It is the best craft EVER!  I sit and spin (which is so rhythmic and relaxing) while dreaming of knitting my first garment.  In fact, I am in danger of neglecting my poor family!  It could easily take precedence over boring jobs like washing clothes and cooking dinner!  LOL

I hope you find a way to have a break sometimes.  It's wonderful to come home refreshed!


Busy mum of 3 said...

Good for you, too often us busy mums neglect ourselves and our partners, glad you had a good time.

purplepear said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend even after the hard work in preparation. We have a similar problem preparing for a stay away with so many animals that need caring for. Good luck with the spinning. i got a new (to me) spinning wheel earlier this year but yet to do any real spinning. Just so many projects!

Linda said...

Thanks Busy Mum, We had ball and yes it's not often we have time together. Though I do get away with the girls sometimes! He is so good to me.

Hi Kate, It gets messy with animals doesn't it! Not many people want to pop around to feed and water. You blogged about that wheel, didn't you? Btw have you finished your sock yet?!

Christine said...

Hey..good to see your spinning wheel in action! I can't believe you packed it in the ute for a weekend away with hubby though! You must be feeling very chilled out after both the weekend away and the spinning. I found plying tricky too..always was too loose. It will come to you the more often you sit and do it. :)

Linda said...

Hi Christine, I thought of you a lot while I was away because not only did I think we were near your corner of the earth, but you are the only spinning blogger I know! So I was recalling your wonderful yarns as I spun and wishing you were beside me telling me what I was doing wrong. I am going to go back to spinning group now that Buddy Boy is settled in school. That will help!