Monday, 28 May 2012

Hubby's Hand in Sourdough

And NO I don't mean he helped me with it......  I mean he put his bloody hand in it!

I had it sitting on the arm of a chair near the fire.  Silly of me really!  It was about five minutes away from going into the oven, Hubby walked past the fire and nearly fell over Buddy Boy and me, who were doing some reading activities on the floor, right in front of the nice warm fire.  Hubby put his hand out to steady himself and it landed in the risen loaf.

I'm glad I decided to go ahead and cook it anyway because it turned out okay!  It looked as flat as a pancake before it went in the oven!!!


purplepear said...

Very resilient stuff that sourdough.

farmer_liz said...

looks great, will you share your method? my husband has been "helping" with the bread, only he prefers white bread to sourdough! Better than supermarket bread though.