Friday, 25 May 2012

Anniversary Give-away

I was browsing through my blog the other day and realised it will soon be one year since I began blogging.  I have decided to celebrate by offering my followers a give-away.  Remember the socks?  Well because I have a couple of balls left and I had bought so many sets of double pointed needles, I thought somebody else might enjoy one ball of wool and four double pointed needles.  The band has a pattern on the back of it.  A word of warning to beginner knitters, socks are not for the faint hearted but they are possible!

I'm sorry about the photos but I haven't been home in the daylight today.   These were taken early this morning.  The true colour is closer to the top photo.  I added the photo below (taken with the flash) in case you couldn't see the colours well enough.  The colours are much more muted than in the bottom photo.

I'm giving away in Australia only, due to postage.  To join in the give-away you need to either be an existing follower or join as a new follower, and leave a comment.  I will draw randomly from the comments on 30th May which is one year from the date I began this blog.  My goodness!  How quickly that time went, but how connected I feel with some of you in that time!

Good luck and thank you for your interest in what's happening at our place!


purplepear said...

Such a generous offer Linda, but as I've also been knitting socks with the same yarn I'd like that someone else won. I love visiting your blog and understand just how you feel about being connected. xx

Busy mum of 3 said...

Iffen I could knit I would be thrilled to be "in the draw", but best leave me off the list too. Unless of course you take pity on the non knitters, and send the socks...;)

Thoroughly enjoy being a part of your blogging community.

farmer_liz said...

I've enjoyed following your blog for nearly a year Linda, and thanks for all your comments on my blog. You're very knowledgeable on permaculture, and I admire your knitting. I am getting better at knitting myself, and was thinking about trying socks next (although had no idea where to start), so I would love to win your "sock kit"!

Sharon said...

I would love to be in the draw for your socks pack. I can knit but i crochet everyday as that my home business. I would love to have a go at knitting a lovely pair of socks as i should knit more than i do and this would make a lovely change on my everyday crochet. By the way, i love your blog and also live in Country Vic.

Evi said...

Ha! No way do I need to be reminded of my sock failings........ I am suitably impressed that you actually managed to finish a pair - very impressed in fact!! Mine are still at the half sock stage.... one is, the other hasn't materialised at all yet!! On that note, I too, choose to stay out of the draw.
But.... I did want to stop by to congratulate you on your blogging anniversary and let you know that you always write so 'heartfully', honestly and real. Thank you for taking the time to continue when some times, I'm sure, it seems too much - I love to visit!

Caro Morris said...

Hey Linda- just discovered your blog and I'm so sorry you didn't mention it earlier!! I have no idea how to be a 'follower' but I've added it to my favourites and will be regularly checking you out! Hope to catch up again soon, though we are unable to make it to the next couple of black markets. Maybe you could come around one weekend for a cuppa?
All the best with the blog, Caro

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Oh Linda count me in. I am only a beginner knitter but my mother in law has knitted me some socks so I would at least have help if I needed it.

Linda said...

I had such a giggle yesterday - I've been excited about doing a give-away but yesterday afternoon I had more Nays than Yays in the comments! LOL!
Sock knitting is obviously not as prevalent as I thought!

Kate, have you finished that nearly complete pair yet?

Busy Mum! No way am I doing the knitting for you! I would deprive you of HOURS of joy!!! LOL!

Thank you Liz, but I'm not knowledgeable - just enthusiastic. I love watching your progress.

Hi Sharon, Thank you. Crochet is my next challenge, once I feel I can knit reasonably well. I'm in awe of those who crochet!

Evi, Oh you make me laugh! Knowing you, you will persist until you've mastered it though. And thank you for your kind words.

Hi there Caro, I feel a bit embarrassed about 'real people' reading my blog because I do ramble on a bit and occasionally talk too personally! Nice to have you comment and yes, we must do a catch up soon.

Nice to have you join in Fiona. Aren't you lucky to have someone to help you! I just muddled my way through until they were complete.