Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Second Mother's Day

On the weekend I had a second Mother's Day.  The first one didn't quite work.  Everyone was supposed to visit but Pumpkin had a croupy sounding cough and we were nearly out of water.  We postponed the family gathering for a week.

So I enjoyed a quiet day at home being showered in gifts and home made cards.  It was lovely.  And then a week later my parents, my daughter Lou Lou and her family, and my niece came.

I had only recently enjoyed reading about Evi's lovely present so imagine my joy when I received my presents from Lou Lou.

She bought a pile of manure which will go to a family in Sri Lanka to fertilise their soil.  This gift was purchased from Oxfam. They give families living in poverty further help by training them to grow organic vegetables.  I received this card and a little magnet to go on my fridge.  I nearly cried when I received this gift!

Lou Lou also bought me a cup that says Eco Warrior.  That's how she sees me?!  Cute!  A butter dish and a bag of soap nuts completed the present.  Yay!  I've been dying to try some soap nuts!  I thought I was terribly spoilt and that she bought far too much, but she tells me I am fun to shop for.  I love that every present was so carefully thought out.  It makes me feel special.

Another highlight of the day was that Lou Lou brought her knitting to show me........

She's making a cardigan for her daughter (my granddaughter).  I'm so proud of her and her partner!  Since having a baby they have learnt so much about organics, natural products, cooking, parenting and now Lou Lou is learning to sew and knit!  I couldn't be happier.  It is so nice watching the people you have raised, becoming the people you hoped they might!


Evi said...

Isn't that just such a great gift idea? I'm in love with it too - so clever! I feel a bit chuffed that we both got the same Mothers day gift ;o)
I really love your last sentence - it is so well put and so true....and it really is very very nice!! xx

purplepear said...

What a beautiful thoughtful gift, all of it!And what a wonderful daughter you have raised.

farmer_liz said...

my dad gave me a chicken and a goat for Christmas the other year, also through Oxfam. I have to say that while I was happy that a needy family was receiving that assistance, I wouldn't have minded a chicken and goat myself :) I would have felt the same about the manure. Maybe I'm just greedy.....

Linda said...

Hi Evi, yes I thought it was lovely that we got the same gift, and of course was thinking of you while tearing up.

Hi Kate, yes am one lucky Mum.

Ha Ha! You make me laugh Liz! I would have been happy with the real deal as well, but luckily have a good source nearby. Hard not to feel greedy when it comes to manure and animals!