Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Greeting the Day

Many years ago, I was on a holiday in Tasmania with my parents.  I recall one morning asking my mother to wake me so that we could watch the sun rising.  Back then it was a complete novelty and the only other time I had seen it was by staying out all night!

For several years now, I have been rising before the sun.  I don't remember when I started doing it, but it was a way of having some peaceful time before the children got up.  I don't cope well with the breakfast rush when I am bleary eyed and dopey.  Now I enjoy a gentle start to each day.

Then, when I did my Permaculture Design Course, we visited the house of David Holmgren.  He made a comment about using the daylight and it smacked me in the face just how crazy it is to live the way most of us live!!!

Fancy sleeping in while it is light outside and then having many hours at night where we rely on electricity to provide us with extra light because it's dark outside!  When you get up early, you go to bed early.  I still need lighting, but only for about three hours or so, not five or more.  You gain no extra sleep by sleeping in.  You just sleep at a different time!  AND you miss out on the most beautiful and peaceful time of the day!

Excuse my messy vegie garden and shocking photography, but you get the idea!
So won't you join me in using the free and natural resource of light?  It will only hurt for the first couple of days! ;-)


Dani said...

"Early to rise, early to bed"... folks back then knew what was good for them.

I agree, why force your body to be awake when it is programmed to rest as it gets dark :)

purplepear said...

You are so right. I know I should get out of bed earlier, but have been having trouble sleeping and so it seems that just a little bit of extra time is what is needed but of course it's not so. My intention is to get up a little earlier and do some yoga but these cold mornings make it hard. Can you count how many excuses I've just used!!

Kim said...

I was only thinking the same thing yesterday , Linda when I was watching the animals naturally going to bed on the farm ....and I still had a few more hours of electricity to go in the house.
We do rise at 5am and that is my cooking time and my quiet time with David with a coffee. But I haven't been going to bed with the sun ...and maybe I should .

Busy mum of 3 said...

My mum has a framed poster in her spare room of The Ten Native American Commandments, and one of those is "Follow the rhythms of nature, rise and retire with the sun." So much wisdom hey. I do get up early, but not so early as to see the sun rise every morning. I love mornings, I'm definitely a morning person, unlike my husband who is a night owl!

Christine said...

Hmmm...yes, getting up earlier is a good thing but something I struggle with! I have been going to bed earlier lately and this has helped enormously.

I didn't know you did a PDC? Or maybe I did and it slipped my mind. How amazing it would be to visit David Holmgren's house! Enjoy those gentle early moments, Linda. I'll try my hardest too...

simplelife said...

I love my quiet morning time, I find too that artificial light and tv or computer screens really impact on the quality of my sleep. The evenings when we switch off, I have a much better sleep and go to bed earlier, but I can't seem to convince my family to do it very often.

cheers Kate

Linda said...

Yes Dani, We seem to complicate everything these days. You're right, once upon a time you wouldn't have needed to be given this wisdom, because you would have known!

LOL Kate! You only used two excuses. I'm sure you could come up with more, if pushed! Yoga sounds like a lovely way to start the day.

Kim, if you went to bed with the sun at this time of year you would be sleeping for TWELVE HOURS! I go to bed with the sun in summer, but in winter I just make sure I get up before the sun. It sounds like you already do!

Busy Mum, I love that commandment and if I ever saw it, would buy it for sure. I like that. 'Follow the rhythms of nature'

Christine, getting up EARLIER would help enormously with going to bed earlier. I can guarantee it! LOL Yes I did a PDC and even enrolled for my Cert III but pulled out very early because I realised it just wasn't possible to complete at this time.

Hi Kate, Yes! I agree with you on the light and screens. I like using just one lamp in the evening (she says from in from of the computer) and I think it helps your body recognise the time of day. The same reason we always go to sleep early when camping.

SO........ Good night!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Linda I know exactly what you mean. We go camping quite a lot and that is exactly what we do, especially when we camp in winter as it is too cold to stay up. I have been really bad at getting up early for the last 4 months and have been sleeping in till 6.30 - 7.00. At this time of the year I find it hard to get up but in summer it is so hot here in QLD it is the only time of day you can garden.

Linn said...

When you run a very busy household getting up early to enjoy a little quiet time before the onslaught of a very busy day is my coping mechanism. There is no other time during the day which is so peaceful. Mornings bring a fresh beginning and a sense of wonder as to what experiences lie ahead. Great post Linda!

Linda said...

Fiona, I can imagine you would want to be up early in summer. It's hard to find any energy in the hot time of year!

Linn, I thought of you when I wrote this post. I know you are another early riser! It IS peaceful, isn't it?