Friday, 4 May 2012


Today I had two friends over for a *Ladies Lunch*.  We tend to go out every now and then to catch up, but this time I invited them here.

Fresh homemade sourdough with local olive oil for dipping, or a local goats cheese to spread on top.  Yummmm!

Tomato risotto followed by panna cotta with baked rhubarb and home cooked dark chocolate sauce.

We were having trouble with flies a while back and looked for a natural solution without success.  Well the flies have been gone for a while now but, of course, they came back with a vengeance today!

I watched them flitting around the food and my friends heads while we were eating until I couldn't stand it anymore.

I grabbed the implement that you would know as a fly swat but Belle renamed a swacker when she was a baby.  (A much more descriptive name and it has stuck)

I tried to discretely swack one or two flies.  Then another couple.  Suddenly I got carried away with the sport of it and was trying to swack them midair, get them with a tennis-like serving action!  I reckon you must earn more points if you catch them in flight!  Oooh there's one on the window.  Aaahaa, another on the door frame.........  Ooops!  What do these ladies think of me?!  "Fine food and pretty table cloth.  Sit down and behave." I said to myself.

So I sat and restrained myself but when I was finally alone..........

Tonight the family will feel special as I serve them their risotto and panna cotta!  They don't need to know I'm feeding them leftovers.......... do they?


Dani said...

We also have a fly problem on the far in summer. I have just bought a fly bait trap - for next season. Can't bear the disease spreading things!

Leftovers - no - you ladies merely tasted the goods prior to their main serving :)

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Left overs? Are you kidding! The fact that there is desert makes it special enough but panna cotta happens to be one of my favourites. MMMMMMM