Monday, 7 May 2012

Blogging Woes

Gee I've been struggling to keep up with the blogging world recently!  There are a couple of reasons.  I've been very busy and my computer is slowly dying so that each post takes forever!

I love blogging.  When I am writing regular posts, I stay on track of the things that are of interest or are important to me.  I enjoy life more because I focus on what matters.  I love keeping up with what my *bloggy friends* are doing and enjoy being entertained or educated by them.  Lately I have struggled to find the time to read others' posts and do you know what?  I actually feel a little guilty when I don't have time to read/comment!  The last thing I need is another thing to worry about.  I would like life to have a little more rhythm so that I can slot regular time in for blogging, but that is probably expecting too much.  Life with kids doesn't always go according to plan.

Here is what we got up to last week:-

First there was the Make it Real rally in the city.  It was well worth attending and Prime Minister Gillard made some promises at the rally in Sydney.  Apparently the federal budget will allow for the scheme to start next year.......

Rosie came with me to help with the kids (and because she would like to see a better system in place)

I was proud of my children on the train.  They were so well behaved!  This is the first time I have had a good trip on public transport.  They must be growing up.

The rally was a bit daunting for my kids from a small country town but they coped well.

There were heaps of people hoping to create change!

The rest of the week was taken up with helping in the class room, dealing with injuries - Buddy Boy had a tooth kicked out at school (while crawling under a table to avoid working!) and then proceeded to attack another slightly wobbly one the next day until he worked it out of his head as well!  Both were baby teeth and due to come out soon anyway.  And for his grand finale........ a piece of elastic with a toggle on the end was stretched out, then snapped back to hit him IN THE EYE!  So off to the optometrist.  All good!

See the big gap?  And I bet YOU can't sit like Buddy Boy!  I think he's made of rubber!

Throw in a school cross country event in another town and then our usual bread making, cooking from scratch etc. and I was worn out and feeling fragile by the end of the week.  I was craving a day at home to get the housework done.

The school had a cake stall so I baked cakes, there was a farmer's market where I bought jams, relishes and sauces.  There were friends over to play (mine as well as the kids) and a birthday party to attend.

There were new projects for Belle and for me.  Mine has already been shelved because it was supposed to be a beanie for Belle, but it would be lucky to even fit a newborn!!! Still learning.

I sowed seeds and cleaned the litter out of the chook shed.  I picked up some hay and spread it in the chook shed.

See!!!  See what I mean!!!  Now that I am writing this all down as a post, it sounds like I had a fantastic week!  In reality I felt overwhelmed.  I love how blogging gives me a different perspective!  Wow, what a week - look at everything I achieved!


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Wow you have been very busy and I am glad the kids were good at the rally and on the train as I am sure that made it easier.
And you are right I am pretty sure Buddy Boy has that position all to himself.

Kim said...

Wow, you certainly have achieved alot this week! And here I was feeling happy with myself getting the ironing done.
Glad you were able to get to the rally. It is hard work travelling with young kids and it must have been a bit harder with the crowds.

Busy mum of 3 said...

You are not on you Pat Malone there, that sounds like a typical week in our household too, I ditched the idea of routine a while back, I finally realised with small children it's never going to truely work, although have you tried getting up just a wee half an hour or so earlier in the morning set aside just for you a cup of tea and a good blog read. I start most days that way, and it's the best time of the day!

Anyway you are providing your kids with the best there is, good home cooked meals and your presence, who really cares what the house looks like, you'll catch up another day.. Oh listen to me, I have come a long way haven't I!

Linda said...

Thank you Fiona and they're teaching yoga at school at the moment. Can you imagine the contortions he'll achieve!

Thanks for your thoughts Kim and I'm pretty impressed with the ironing!! I tell everyone I can't do it because it uses 1000 watts an hour but in reality I'm glad to have an excuse!

Busy Mum, you are completely right. It's the important things I need to focus on. Still I laughed at your 'half an hour earlier' suggestion. I usually get up at 5.00am already! I'm not doing earlier than that! Though I must say this week I have slept till 6.00am.

purplepear said...

I think you are wonderful.You have such a busy life with your lovely young ones. Your week seems to have been very full on No wonder you were feeling overwhelmed, but it's amazing how we bounce back. Take care!

Andrea said...

Wow! You have done heaps! I think us women always underestimate just what we have achieved. You have done way more than me in your week and I don't have any children at home. Good on you, you've done a great job!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I have linked back to you in a post re NDIS

Linda said...

Hi Andrea, Thank you! Yes we do underestimate ourselves. We are our own worst enemies!

Fiona, thank you for that and for your interest in changing things. I haven't been home to watch them re-hashing the budget but I'm hoping for good news.

Linda said...

Kate, you always boost me. Thanks! This week is much better than last. I even knitted for half an hour today. I hope your Permaculture Day went well. I will head up to visit one day.....

Kirsten said...

Yes, what a fantastic week but busy busy - no wonder you feel a bit fragile, and fancy craving a day at home to do housework! I get like that too (regularly), but I would never have guessed I'd ever crave *that* before I had kids!

So wonderful to take your kids to the rally, so they can feel and in fact be involved in the political decision making of this country. I hope the scheme that Gillard announced it going to make a difference. It sounds like a small start.

Linda said...

Hi Kirsten, I'm hoping the NDIS will not be just a small start, but the answer we've been looking for! The idea was hatched by some amazing people involved in disability services and groups so it should be good!!! I agree it was good for the kids to experience. Don't tell anyone but as for the housework, I gave it a lick and a promise and that was that! ;) Enough to do keeping up with food and clothes!

Practical Frog said...

I know the feeling! I have to many jobs and not enough time to do the things I want to do!

In the meantime - I have popped over to award you a "One Lovely Blog" Award! Hope you enjoy the nomination and pop on over to accept your award sometime soon!

Hope it makes yoour day! Cheers - Kara x

Linda said...

Hi Kara, thank you so much for thinking my blog is worthy of this award. I read your comment a few days ago and I've been meaning to get around to it, but haven't had time yet! I'll pop over when I catch my breath.