Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Disaster Preparation

I'm sure by now you will all have heard that we felt an earthquake last night.  Nothing dramatic and thankfully nobody was hurt but it literally gave me a shake up!

Last night was freezing outside.  As soon as the shaking stopped I gathered some blankets and asked Hubby to put them in the car.  I put some essentials oils into my handbag along with my car keys, torch and mobile phone. Then we turned on the radio to find out where the epicentre was.  Once all was calm, we went off to bed.

All of this made me stop and think.  In summer we carry emergency items in the car in case of a bushfire.  We were a bit lazy this year and didn't refresh our kit because we had a wonderful green summer.  Last night's earthquake made me realise I should be more prepared.  Why am I thinking this way?  Am I scared a disaster is on the way?  No, not really, but who is responsible for our families if not ourselves.  I am realistic enough to know that if a disaster did strike, it is unlikely that someone will come running.  They will be coping with it themselves or off somewhere helping others.

I am noticing more and more that people don't take responsibility for a lot of things these days.  Have you noticed that if you start your motor in a car park, people still keep strolling behind your car without hesitating.
They are trusting me with their safety.  Really?!!!  They trust me, a stranger, to make sure they are safe rather than stop and make sure for themselves?!!!  Many people aren't observant on fire danger days or don't check the safety plans before camping.  People speed in their cars because there is no policeman nearby.  Have they not realised it's a safety issue for them?  Thinking and being responsible are becoming rarer as people expect 'authorities' to do it for them.

So today I am preparing a new emergency kit.  This one doesn't contain the water needed in the bushfire kit but a first aid kit and some food.  Now, if I breakdown somewhere, if the kids hurt themselves when we are out somewhere or if there were some unseen disaster, hopefully I would have most of what we need to see ourselves comfortably through a few hours.  I have tried to include what we could need without packing too many items.

The green bag has food items

I have packed

  • four blankets (I would like to sew a calico bag to store them in to keep them clean)

a first aid kit containing 
  • a triangular bandage
  • some vials of saline
  • four rolls of crepe bandages
  • an asthma inhaler
  • band-aids
  • antiseptic cream
  • pins
  • scissors
  • some gauze pads
  • a medicine cup 
  • a 200ml measuring container
  • some zinc and castor oil cream
  • my Fragrant Pharmacy book by Valerie Ann Wormword (It has many applications for essential oils)
I need to add to this
  • some children's panadol
  • a new bottle of rescue remedy
  • a small LED torch

I also packed
  • some muesli bars
  • some baked beans
  • a packet of lollies
  • some good chocolate
  • a long life milk container
  • some cups
  • a spoon (we will share, there's only so much room that I want to allow)
I will be packing an insulated bag with some essential oils containing
  • lavender (good for cuts, calming etc - I am more likely to use this than the antiseptic cream)
  • geranium (the kids react well to geranium, it helps keep them calm)
  • some sandalwood (for me - sandalwood is very grounding and will help keep me calm)
  • some rosemary (it helps heaps with tension headaches)
I will also do some reading over the next few days to decide if I want to add any other oils.

I also keep a roll of toilet paper in the car.

Hopefully with just a small amount of preparation and thought, we will be organised in the event of the unexpected.  I don't think it hurts to be prepared and, if we never need to use any of it, it will be no skin off my nose.  Just an hour of preparation and a few minutes to reorganise and refresh the kit with the change of seasons each year!

These are some of my reasons for being responsible for our own safety

What do you think?  Do you have a similar kit?  Let me know if you can think of anything important I may have forgotten.


Evi said...

Hear hear Linda!! My thoughts exactly - no-one takes responsibility anymore, it's always some one else's fault or some one else can do it for me! That topic is one my fave whines!!
Your first aid kit could be mine!!! The essential oils might be slightly different and we don't use panadol but EVERYTHING else would be the same!! I couldn't believe it when I read through your list!
Thanks for the reminder!

farmer_liz said...

Great minds think alike! I have had a first aid kit in both cars for a while, but it just occurred to me to the other day to check them and refill them as they have been raided a bit lately. Funny thing is growing up in NZ we always had earthquake kits in a safe place - bottles of water, tinned food, radio with batteries, torches etc, it was always encouraged through the media and govt dept, and yet here in Aus it doesn't seem to have the same profile. Whereas in NZ we tended to have kits in the house, you make a good pt that its important to have supplies in your car too, as in Aus we are just as likely to be evacuating as staying put. I think I need to add a stash of food in the cars too (always carry water for radiator just in case anyway) and think about other emergency needs for the vehicles. Thanks!