Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sustainable Blogs and Today at our place

Kirsten, from Sustainable Suburbia, is trying to put together a comprehensive list of links to sustainable living blogs.

I think this is a fantastic idea!  We can all use new ideas and I know that I get heaps of inspiration from checking out what other people are up to.

The types of blog are quite diverse because, of course, we are all living our lives differently and have individual focuses.  eg. My kids strongly influence what happens on our property because they take a lot of feeding and cleaning, educating etc. Therefore we are always time poor!  If you have not yet taken the kid step, I strongly recommend a puppy.

Anyway, back to the blogs, I recommend you pop over and have a look.  If you have your own blog, you may want to add it to the list.

There are several different categories of blogs.  Urban, rural, gardening, frugal etc.

Today at our place : -

The cat is comfortable,

the chooks are competing with the puppy for food (Spot is not supposed to be in the chook pen)

I plan to have a go at mending a woollen blanket

And this MONSTER is keeping me prisoner in my own home!!!  You see a cute sheep, don't you?!  Don't be fooled!  He charges me with his head down and hits me HARD!  I am so scared of him that my heart pounds if I need to walk outside while he is there.

Tonight I shall be enjoying lamb roast.  No - not him.  A leg from the butcher, but I hope he smells it cooking and gets a clear message!!!


Dani said...

.... Oh, my aching sides :

"I strongly recommend a puppy!"

I know exactly where you're coming from. ROFL

Evi said...

Oh Linda, you are so funny!! and so right - I'll second the puppy idea... so much simpler!!
But not a large lamb, right? *grin*
Thanks for the links.

Busy mum of 3 said...

I've always had a reluctance to have livestock for consumption, even though we have the land for it, I just know I'd give the aninmal a name, and it would become a pet, and then I couldn't bare to eat it, but you've given me inspiration, all I need to do is go out and buy a really cranky cow, and I'd happily nickname him T-Bone!!

Rae said...

Lol on the puppy comment! As for the "cute sheep", he definitely has an evil glint in his eye!

Regarding busy mum's comment... it's definitely much easier to eat animals that are potentially dangerous (big pigs), gross (Cornish X chickens), or cranky (our rooster walks a fine line). :)

Kim said...

Yep , so get your sheep problem. Solution - get a big stick(poly pipe) ram knows that I have a big stick that I mean business - just don't turn your back on him. YOu need to win once and then you will be top dog (or top ram ) again.
Your cat does the same thing as ours...finds the smallest thing in the house and trys to get inside it!

farmer_liz said...

Ah Kim already said it, but all you need is a big stick and he will leave you alone. With the steers I hold it above my head and they think I have massive horns (or that I'm just really weird) and leave me alone, I don't even have to hit them, because they have decent flight zones. Bella is too tame, so she gets a whack occasionally (especially when she tries to eat my citrus trees!).

Love the chicken running off with the scarp in its mouth, the best thing is feeding them bacon rind and watching them chase each other!

Lisa B. said...

He does look evil! I would have no problem hitting him with a big stick either, though my heart would be pounding too!

Found your blog on the Sustainable Suburbia blog list.

Kim said...

oh linda I forgot to tell you...when I click on your link to the other blog it says 'error not found..' . I will try and find it another way.

Kirsten said...

Hi Lisa,

I love the pics - our dog used to be always breaking into our chook run to eat their food! (Then when he started eating them was when we finally made the chook run properly dog-proof!).

I was going to say what Kim said about the link - when you click it tries to find the page here on blogspot - probably means the 'http://' has been left off the link...

Also, remember how you were having trouble getting an image on the linky lists? Well, when I linked to your post from Facebook it wouldn't let me choose from the images on the page, like it usually does, the only image that came up was your curled up cat. Must be something about the blogger theme you're using I would guess....

Kirsten said...

Linda - I'm sorry! I do not know why I called you Lisa!

mea culpa

(feel free to call me Kristin for a while in retaliation :) )

Linda said...

Hi Dani and Evi, ;-) You guys know where I'm coming from....... Obviously Mums!!!

Busy Mum, His name is actually Button as in "Button for Mutton" but everyone else in the family popped an 's' on the end and call him Buttons and Hubby loves him!

Hi Rae, Yay, you can see it too! Yes he is mean and I agree on the mean animals. Our nasty roosters are always the first on the menu.

Kim and Liz, I know! Hubby said the same thing about the poly pipe but I just don't see why I should go to war with an edible animal!

Hi Lisa, Yesss! You can see the evil in him! He's back in the paddock at the moment, thank goodness, but I'm sure it won't be for long! Houdini has nothing on Button. Nice to meet you!

Kim, thank for letting me know about the defective link. I think I have fixed it now? And Kirsten I don't know what to do about that problem. I'm really just fumbling about blindly with this technology stuff. Quite impressed with myself for having a blog actually!