Monday, 18 June 2012

My Plan/My Day

The Plan

I love being a Stay at Home Mum.  It comes with the flexibility to organise my own day and spend the time necessary to nurture and care for my family.  Cooking nutritious meals, keeping a clean home so that my husband, children and I can enjoy an organised and calm environment!  I knew I had an lunch appointment at the school so that the occupational therapist can help us to teach Buddy Boy to use his knife and fork better.  Last night I prepared containers of food and popped them in the fridge ready to take.

First thing this morning, while the house was in slumber, I slid the risen sour dough into the hot oven.

During breakfast (before I had even wiped the weet-bix from the table, I began to grate soap for my next lot of washing powder.  The house smelt heavenly - fresh, clean soap and home baked bread!

While the children were preparing for school, I sat and wrote my list of jobs to get through today.

  1. Take kids to school
  2. Clean up breakfast mess
  3. Hang out washing
  4. Write a post for the blog
  5. Bake for school lunches
  6. Go to school for occupational therapy
  7. Fertilise the garden
  8. A little knitting
  9. Prepare dinner
  10. Pick up the kids
  11. Reading with Belle
  12. Reading with Buddy Boy
  13. Bring in clothes to fold
  14. Cook dinner

The Day

We arrived at school to discover Buddy Boy has wiped green muck all over his face and I have forgotten the face washer.  A closer inspection reveals green muck is not just coming from his nose, but his ears as well!

 New List (Actual jobs)

  1. Take kids to school
  2. Ring doctor for appt.
  3. Race home to pack colouring books and snacks for waiting room
  4. Go to doctor
  5. Go to chemist
  6. Pick up new readers (seeing as I was in town anyway!)
  7. Race home to grab lunches
  8. Back to school for occupational therapist
  9. Speak to principal about new readers (seeing as I was there anyway!)
  10. Home at last (one hour before school pick up)
  11. Coffee
  12. Back to school to collect kids
  13. Home to throw hands in the air - the day's upside down anyway so I might as well write that post

I have lots of days like today.  Still I dream!  

How was your day?  Did your day go smoothly??!


Kim said...

Ah, that's life isnt' it! John Lennon said it...'Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans...' . I have had so many well planned days go like this , but I think living the simple life reminds us to just laugh and keep going . You achieved an awful lot in one day...makes my 3 baskets of ironing look miniscule!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I love being a stay at home mum too, I don't even get around to writing lists but it was a beautiful day of craft and mayhem with my youngest.

Linda said...

Kim, I cannot believe you did THREE baskets of ironing!! I'm assuming that's because of the Farmstay? I've always like the B&B idea but you've just put me off!

Hi Kirsty, That is so nice that you find the time to craft, even in all the busyness. It's nice to spend time with our kids and makes life feel right! Today I am hoping to be home after I finish reading at the school. I don't dare to plan my time though! I'm going to wing it.

Busy mum of 3 said...

I love this post Linda, so typical of the day in the life of a SAHM. And some wonder what we do all day!

My days have looked like this for the past week...

1.Get up early have breakfast while catching up on a few blogs
2.Madly rush around getting kids to school and washing on the line
3. Start painting
4. Grab a coffee while painting
5. Keep painting
6. Scoff a quick lunch while ignoring the fact that breakfast stuff is still on the kitchen bench
7. Keep painting
8. Rush to school (in paint gear) to pick up kids, yes I really did!
9. Clean up the painting
10. Order takeaway, because mummy is too tired to cook and anyway she still hasn't cleared away breakfast and lunch, and there's the dry washing to dump on the lounge to fold another day, when the painting is done.

Only 3 days to go until the carpet is laid! Better keep painting! And ignoring the housework!

Kim said...

No...dont' think I am a master ironer and none of it was for the farmstay (that's easy peasy )....just put off ironing for a really long time because I wanted to be in garden!!

Linda said...

Busy Mum, You must feel hard pushed with just three days to go. Those time limits are a great thing though. Nothing makes you work faster!

Kim, I know what you mean. Those damn gardens can be a distraction!