Monday, 2 July 2012

Slow Living Diary - Month Six

I'm joining in with Christine at Slow Living Essentials for the Slow Living Diary.  Keeping track of achievements over the past month.

Nourish - Lots of sour dough bread this month!  Soups and casseroles too.  It's been cold and miserable and  comfort food has been called for.

Quinces baked with honey

Prepare - I put together a kit to carry in the car in case of any event where we are stuck away from the house.  Not much food went into the freezer this month because we ate as fast as we cooked!  I purchased some wool to make a beanie for Buddy Boy.  I hope it is still winter when I finally get to it!  First I need to finish the project I am working on.

Reduce - I cleaned all the damn magnets off the fridge.  I always have school notices and emergency phone numbers and lists for shopping and kids pictures.......  Finally I have taken the plunge and moved the emergency numbers to the side of the fridge and everything else has gone.  It feels soooo good!  I wonder how long it will last?!

Green - Oh dear!  I have fallen down on this one.  I am feeling very guilty because I have gone backwards.  I hardly ever use my dryer but I have used it probably five days in the last fortnight!  Maybe more.  I can't explain this one.  I just feel really disorganised and don't want the washing in my way in our small lounge.  I think I had imagined that when Buddy Boy was at school, I would have heaps of time and be able to do EVERYTHING but the reality is that I have taken on more knitting and sewing and used up all that extra time without taking on extra housework like I thought I would!  Oh.. I did start repairing a blanket!  Perhaps that should be in next months diary.

Grow - The garden is plodding along nicely!  We have cabbage, brussel sprouts and broad beans growing well.  Garlic is growing slowly, spring onions galore and I harvested some purple dragon carrots this month (my first time growing these).

Comfrey tea
Create - I'm still plodding away on the dress I'm knitting for Belle.  I've also made some lunch bags, snack bags and sandwich wraps for gifts this month.  Oh and a collar for the puppy.

Discover - I am reading a book about farming with bio-dynamics at the moment.  It is The Olive Grove by Patrice Newell.  I find it fascinating though hard to read, only because the only time I read books is in bed just before sleeping so I'm tired and don't concentrate well.

Enhance - Nope.  Sorry!  I must have been living a very insular life in the dead of winter.  I can't think of a thing!

Lou Lou with my granddaughter Ella

Enjoy - The fire!  Definitely the fire! It has been so cold! When I knit Belle's dress, I turn the chair towards the fire and sit there. I have also enjoyed my family. We celebrated three birthdays in a week and had a lovely weekend get together.  An afternoon tea with cake, scones, slice (thanks Mum) and a cheese platter.  Some balsamic and local olive oil went nicely with some Italian bread that I purchased.

I hope your month was fantastic.  You probably had more oomphf than I did!


Linn said...

Isn't the fire a great source of comfort in these very wintery days. Love the fabric for the sandwich wraps. Great minds must think alike as it was only yesterday I said to one of my girls that I need to make some more wraps!

Busy mum of 3 said...

Sounds like another productive month to me.

My daughter and I baked your bread and butter pudding on the weekend, it was lovely. I put cinnamon AND nutmeg on mine, because I love them both. I was wondering about soaking the sultanas in brandy too...

Silver Bells said...

Well done for dealing with the fridge magnets. Coincidentally, I was looking at all the clutter hanging off our fridge just this morning and thinking how filthy it was. Mm, yet another job to add to the list...

Linda said...

Linn, I love giving sandwich wraps as gifts. You can so easily personalise them with your choice of fabric! I need to make more for my own family though.

Busy Mum, I'm so glad you enjoyed the bread and butter pudding. Isn't it easy and cheap? Mmmm, the brandy sounds good if a little fancy for such a peasant's dessert!

Silver Bells, Thank you, thank you (takes a bow)! It's amazing how much dirtier a fridge seems to get when it covered in STUFF!

sweetpea family said...

Hi Linda, thanks for taking time to visit my blog. Yes,I love being with my grandchildren -I am very lucky.
The wedding is coming along so hopefully Kate will feel a little less stressed - it should be a fun time but she finds it a worrying time.
I'm back home now for a week or so and your post reminded me that I want to try my hand at Christine's custard tart - will let you know how it goes.
Sue x

Wendy said...

Lovely to pop over and visit you and thanks for visiting me. Your baby grand daughter is just sweet!

Linda said...

Hi Sue, Poor Kate. It is impossible not to feel a bit uptight before a wedding. Good luck with the tart. It's yummy!

Thanks Wendy! We think she's gorgeous! I really enjoyed visiting your blog. This is the first month that I have had time to get around to everyone and it's great! I love Christine's idea because we are able to meet so many other people living similar (yet different) lives.

Kathryn Ray said...

Ah yes, I love knitting by a fire in winter as well. I could do that all day long. :-)

Linda said...

Sadly I don't get to do it as often as I would like Kathryn but I'm with you - could do it all day!

Btw, your birthday celebrations sound a bit scary with sooo many people! Do you know any more about London yet?

Christine said...

Ooh, isn't Ella just the sweetest thing!

I'm with you on the fire, and it's Winter - we're allowed to lead insular lives so don't feel bad. I'm in deep hibernation mode at the moment..just the bear (ha!) minimum of surfacing for the necessary food supplies. :)

(ps - I admit, the blanket has me intrigued..!)