Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cooking Disasters

I often improvise while I'm cooking.  Usually it works.  I feel proud of my cooking skills when I can substitute an ingredient or find a method of cooking something differently.  A real cook!!

But sometimes it goes pear shaped!

The above picture is my attempt at Christine's custard tart before it went in the oven!  Doesn't look quite the same as hers.  What went wrong?  Well!  Rosie decided to make an apple crumble to take to her boyfriends about three weeks ago.  My dish has not yet returned.  Oh well, I can improvise!  I used a springform tin and cooked my wholemeal pastry ready to receive the custard.  Whoops!  Forgot the lentils to hold the pastry while I blind baked.  Collapsed walls.  Next I poured in the beautiful custard mix.  Whoops!  Springform tins have a gap at the bottom!!!  Custard came pouring out everywhere!  Hubby grabbed a pyrex dish to put under it and we saved some of the custard.

Do you know what?  It looked terrible but it was still delicious.  When I get my dish back, I'll be making this again.

Then there was another disaster.  Choc chip cookies.  The mix looked too dry.  I was a bit cocky!  (I'm a good, experienced cook you know)  So again I improvised and added more liquid.  Is it possible that the person who wrote the recipe knew more than I did?!

Then there was the time I was cooking a cake.  One of those ones where you throw all the ingredients in the mixer together.  I turned it on to a full beat setting and...........  yep!  Flour all over me and the kitchen.  I wish I had taken a photo.  The kids loved it!  They giggled their heads off!

Or straining fizzy rhubarb into a container that's too small, or placing cakes in the oven and heading into the garden (for just five minutes).........

A lot of extra cleaning up goes on at my house!

Wishing you all successful, organised cooking!!!


farmer_liz said...

Thanks for sharing Linda, glad to see I'm not the only one who improvises unsuccessfully and loved the bit about going into the garden, that happens to be all the time, have to run inside and rescue things from oven/stove top. Too many things happening at once! Recently I added beetroot to my vege and oxtail soup, and cooked it for too long, ended up with reddy-brown mushy soup, but it tasted nice!

Linda said...

Yes Liz, most of my cooking disasters end up edible too, thank goodness! Hate waste. But oh, the cleaning!

Reddy-brown mushy soup would be good for me!

Christine said...

You always make me smile, Linda! I'm so happy you tried the custard tart - I remember having a leakage the first time with mine too..shallow loose bottom flan tin, filled to the brim on the bench with runny custard, not a hope that it was going to make it to the oven without slopping all over the floor first..and then, seeping through the base in a 'thin' spot. So, the lesson? If using loose bottomed tins, wrap it in foil on the outside to contain the leaks.

Love the image you've implanted of the cake mixture flying out of the mixer..this always happens here too! Too funny. :)