Thursday, 4 October 2012

At Our Place

The weather is warming up!  We had our first warm night recently and when I came downstairs in the morning, I realised we were lucky to make it through the night!  The sour dough starter had visions of climbing the stairs 'The Blob style'.  I must remember to put it in the fridge on a warm night.
 Scary, hey?!
 I took a photo of my messy kitchen bench when I realised how wonderfully productive the mess was.  There's a sour dough starter under the tea towel, lavender in one bowl, marigolds in the basket drying for soap making, the salt from curing the rabbit skin, ingredients for the lemon meringue I was making and finally the brown paper bags.  One has flour that I ground and the other has some carrots seeds that someone gave me.  What a lovely muddle of busyness!
 I fried my seedlings the other day.  Isn't nature amazing though.  Although they were wilted and lying down, they came good when I raced them into the shade and gave them a water!

I've tried my hand at fruit leather at last.  These apple straps are amazing though I don't think they'll last until school goes back.
 This beautiful girl is sitting on some dorking eggs I was given.  They are due in 2 days so fingers crossed I didn't overheat them in the incubator they started in.  It was too hot so I took them out and popped them under 'Daffodil'.  'Scuse the name, Pumpkin named her.  We also have a rooster named Fluffy.  Yep!  You heard right.  A rooster!
 We're going to have flowers on the lilac for the first time ever.  I can't wait.
I found this scat on the driveway and I was impressed!  I don't know if I'm the only strange person with a fascination for scats?  I think this was a wallaby.  Wasn't he clever to make this tower!!!
 We are netting the setting fruit..........
 and I've been making yoghurt and had a go at quark using Rhonda's recipe.
And last but not least.....   Mum turned 70!  Happy birthday Mum.  x x x


Linn said...

Love it when you have lot's of projects on the go! Happy birthday to your Mum! The fruit leather looks interesting. I'm sure your kids will enjoy eating it. What recipe do you use for yoghurt? And that scat--intriguing!

Linda said...

Glad you liked my scat! I use Rhonda's method. It's on the link with the quark I think. I have a yoghurt maker but it's nice to make it naturally like this.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I have never heard the term scat before. But I am a kiwi and I guess it is an Aussie thing. I love the thought of your starter turning into the blob. I have 2 starters, one white one rye and I have to keep them in the fridge all year round.

Kathryn Ray said...

Wow, that scat is very interesting... I think I would have taken a photo too. :-)

I think Daffodil and Fluffy are perfectly good names for chickens and roosters.

Yes, our Farmer's Market is once each week... May thru October. They had a winter market last year, so I'm hoping they do that again.

Anonymous said...

Definitely interesting scat. What a lot you have going on in one kitchen. Happy birthday to your mom.

Linda said...

Hi Fiona, I was going to tell you that scat is a country term but hubby said no, there's another word that starts with S that they use in the country! Ha Ha! Come to think of it, he's right. I think it is the proper term for animal droppings though.

Glad you thought the scat was good Kathryn! You are so lucky to be able to buy from the farmer's markets so often. Because we only have it once a month, we can only buy enough fresh food for a few days. I'd love to go weekly!

Linda said...

Hi Lois, yes I usually have too many things on the go at once. If I waited until I was organised, I'd never get anything done!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I feel very well educated in all things poo now.