Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Heaven Sent

Wow!  I've missed being here!  My satellite dish stopped working so I had to work out how to reconnect to the internet.  I'm still trying to work my way through a new and complicated (to me) system.

This all co-incided with a new computer and suddenly I feel like a complete novice to the online world.  Please be patient with me while I relearn my skills....

It's been over a week since I could look around to see what others have been up to so please let me know if I have missed any major happenings!  And I have had so much to tell you.  We have been hatching chickens......

 These are Dorkings.  My daughter-in-law, I will call her Tom (short for 'the other mother'), gave me the eggs.  A colleage at work keeps Dorkings.  We have also been lucky enough to be given a dozen Australorp eggs. They are my all time favourite chooks.  In the meantime my incubator has gone capoot so I am desperately trying to borrow a broody hen or incubator because I don't want the eggs to lose their viability.
 I found this bug (dragonfly?) on my jeans out on the line.
 Hubby had a day of shearing which I loved!  From a spinners point of view it was fascinating viewing the process from the ground up.  I hope to get to a post on the shearing day soon.
 I've been enjoying my spring garden.  There are flowers everywhere.

And the latest Organic Gardener magazine tells me that I can put comfrey in the soil around my tomatoes.  I'm trying it out!  I also planted some comfrey root under the quince so that it can tap into the nutrients deep in the soil and bring them up to a level that the quince can benefit from.

I found a fantastic recipe that is just right for this season in the garden so I have been dying to share it.  Hopefully this week will be kind to me and I will post it for you in a couple of days.

I hope you are all having heaps of spring fun!


Evi said...

.......and here I was thinking you had been just as slack as me with your lack of blogging!! I've given myself a good talking to and am resolved to get back on track with regular posts.... too much holidaying me thinks!!
Great to catch up with your spring happenings xx

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Great to hear what you have been up to. In case you missed it I am offering up some seeds so let me know if you want some.

Linda said...

Hi Evi, it's hard to keep up with the blogging and the regular world at the same time. I love your posts so for selfish reasons I hope you find your blogging time!

Thanks Fiona, I'll check it out but I'm in the great position of having a ridiculously full garden at the moment! Isn't spring wonderful.

Christine said...

Lovely to see you again, Linda. Enjoy those chickies. :)

Busy mum of 3 said...

I wondered where you had got to. Great to see you back blogging.