Sunday, 21 October 2012


We all know the old saying - more money than sense.  Well money doesn't drive me.  It affects me (a lot) but it certainly doesn't come close to driving me.

For me, that saying should be changed to read - more passion than sense.  My goodness, I have passion!  My two main passions (I have many) are creating good support for people with disabilities, and anyone who could do with a hand in life, and the environment.  To be more specific about my environmental passion, I would like to see everybody living their everyday lives in a way that is respectful of the environment.  I don't want to hug trees, though it sounds kinda nice, or picket at parliament about the urgency of acting on climate change, though I feel like I should.  No.  I believe if everyone gave their normal, everyday activities more thought, the rest would sort itself out.
Now, back to my new saying, more passion than sense.  I am outspoken.  I can't (or won't) help myself.  I make no apologies for that because I am trying as hard as I can to live by my beliefs.  I make mistakes, and often, but not for want of trying.  There is nothing that frustrates me more than apathy.  How can people go to bed at night feeling they have had a constructive day if they have been apathetic?  This is not a judgement, but a sincere question.  I just don't get it, because I could never be like that.

My concern with my passion is that I am not necessarily knowledgeable - just outspoken.  I have embarrassed myself to the point of feeling humiliated at forums for election candidates because I don't understand the processes.  Now I have found an amazing group of people near me that are very pro-active about environmental issues.  I am starting to feel I have a network that is growing year by year.  A real, live face-to-face network, not just this wonderful online one.  I've never spoken with people, who feel as passionate as me about environmental issues, in person.

I attended a meeting this week and I feel like a novice.  True to form, I said what I felt but found myself wondering if people were thinking, "Derrr, we discussed that in 1985!  Goes without saying!"  But my passion will continue to drive me and I will persist and I'm sure that soon I will feel comfortable and that I have caught up to where the others are at.  I'm really looking forward to becoming more active and being able to help drive change as part of a community of like mindeds.

As for disability, I don't expect to ever feel comfortable or knowledgeable about politics.  It is such a complicated system.  But I will continue to keep learning about how the government deals with disability and I will continue to have my say.  I'm sure I will also continue to humilate myself and lie in bed at night wondering if I sounded like a fool. But I will know I was not apathetic and I will know I am doing everything I can.

I will be passionate for the rest of my life and I hope I make sense along the way!


purplepear said...

Oh I am so glad that you have found a like minded community. It can be a very lonely road we are following. All the best and keep up the good work. xxx

Linn said...

It is the normal everyday activities that make this world go round and your right if people were more thoughtful about how their everyday lives affect our environment we wouldn't be having the problems we now face.

I used to consider myself an outspoken person on certain issues especially on the subject of children with disabilities but now just go about my daily routine and hope people find inspiration with the way we live our life as I have 'tired' of the fight. So glad there are other people, like you to pick up when others burn out.
Hold on to your passions Linda and believe in your feelings.

Dani said...

when we installed a pool in our previous house, I went for a CPR course at our local fire station.

During the course of the conversation they commented, if ever you see a fire, please - phone it in. Rather be the 100th person to tell us, than we don't know about it at all.

The same applies to your passion. Rather be the next person to spread the word, than feel that your contribution is not necessary.

Well done you :)

Busy mum of 3 said...

I crave finding a group of like minded friends in the 'real world'. It is actually something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

For such a long time I have tried to talk to my friends about my views on the environment and over consumption of goods, and I've not done it in a preaching style, that's not my way, I just try to slip it into conversations where appropriate. Because it's my passion, I want to talk about it, just as others like to talk about clothes shopping etc, but so often I receive courteous nods, and glazed over looks, so I've stopped talking about it now, and I hate that.

Where I live I'm sure there are lots of environmental groups, but I suspect (and I know) the people there are not on the same level as me, I need something much more middle road. I enjoy the comforts of living in a modern world, I just want to minimise my impact, as I walk this earthly journey.

Wow, I suspect by the length of my response you've hit a nerve with me, maybe I should channel this energy into starting my own group!

Glad you have found a like miinded group, I think they help keep us all sane LOL :)

Caro said...

I hope you are talking about who I think you're talking about Linda! And if so you should never feel uncomfortable about having your say, or that anything you can suggest or bring up will be seen as silly. The strength of our group is its members and we really value any member contribution. And you have already contributed so much with your ideas, feedback and enthusiasm- exactly what we're looking for! Please keep it up- Caro

livingsimplyfree said...

I am so happy for you to have found a group who shares your environmental passions. I have not found what I seek. I am still the only one around who thinks of the environment before acting and seems to care about the environment to the extent I do. So I just live my life with my values and watch as others start to question that maybe they will hear a little of what I am trying to do.

Linda said...

Kate, thank you, you're right. It can be lonely. I feel so excited to be a part of a group. I love that I'm discovering there are heaps of people in my area that feel like I do.

Linn, It disturbs me that you feel tired. Last year I felt completely burnt out at times. It just shouldn't ever get to that point. You are such a good person and I'm glad you try to pace yourself but don't let them get you down.

Thank you Dani, Yes we need to speak up. You are so right! But I had to laugh.... I can imagine you wouldn't need to call the fire brigade because you would probably have already put the fire out yourself! Lol!

Busy Mum, You sound just how I used to feel. I know that glazed look. Please don't assume you are middle of the road. Why not just try one of these groups and see how you feel. You might be surprised. Of course you won't be comfortable the first time you go, because new is scary. But give it, say, four attempts with a new group before you give up. By then you might feel comfortable and find you love it.

Caro, absolutely I'm talking about you guys! I do know that I'm not being judged but can't help feeling awkward but don't worry, I plan on hanging around. You guys are fantastic!

Lois, Please keep seeking! You do amazing things! Surely there are groups near you. An environmental group or permaculture group or something....