Tuesday, 30 October 2012

REAL Hot Chocolate

We have a lot of REAL food around here.  In an effort to eat food from our garden, we've had some different meals!  I've discovered I not only need to come up with inventive meals, but inventive names as well.  When the children ask the age old question, "What's for dinner?" an answer of, "I'm not sure what it is.  It's just something I made up." wasn't being received well, to say the least.

So, in an effort to make my cruel experiments made-up meals more appealing I come up with names.  We often eat Hodge Podge Pie which is just an egg dish with anything I can find in the garden.  It is quite yummy most of the time.

If I'm really nervous about how it will be received, I add the word 'surprise' to the name.  What child doesn't like a surprise?! (I don't think it has occured to them yet, that not every surprise in life is wonderful)  So we eat meals like Bean Surprise or Noodle Surprise.  I've also discovered that it's best not to mention anything that they might not like, so I just neglect to mention the offending vegetable.  If they really enjoy the meal, then I tell them after the fact so they know the vegetable can be enjoyable.

The kids have all had a vomiting bug.  Last night it was Belle, overlapped by Buddy Boy.  It was an exhausting and messy night.  Today I put the protesting kids to bed after lunch.  They fell asleep almost immediately, as did I!  When I got up after my nap, I felt even worse than before and I felt like a chocolate drink.  There was no drinking chocolate in the cupboard but I was able to throw one together with what I had available. In the 'old days' I would have thought, "Oh dear! There's no Milo."  Well there's a good upside of learning to think of alternatives.

Hot Chocolate

I put three squares of chocolate and one teaspoon of honey into a saucepan, added one cup of milk and heated it gently until the chocolate melted!  Yummmmm!

Come on!  Tell me the truth!  Do you subject your family to some pretty ordinary meals in the name of being green?


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I am blessed to have a husband who will anything I serve up. Once I made a curry that caught on the bottom of the pot and it tainted the meal with a burnt flavour. I had toast for dinner but he ate it just like a trooper.

Linda said...

Well Fiona, what a man you have there! Fancy still eating it when you wouldn't even touch it! That's pretty impressive. LOL

Tania said...

Oh no - stomach bugs are the worst on both kids and mums :(
I like your idea of using "surprise" in the recipe. I do a similar egg dish, but often add leftover pasta too. But no matter what I cook I often get complaints from at least one kid. One doesn't like eggs so it's "cheesy" (though she's getting pretty suspicious these days).
Hot chocolate made with real chocolate is the best (though it never lasts long enough for that in this house!)

Kim said...

Yes we have 'surprise meals ' too . We live 5 minutes away from a supermarket and it is tempting to dash into town for something more normal, but my family is constantly amazed at what I can pull out of the garden and turn into a meal . If only cheese and chocolate grew there as well!
Great idea with the hot chocolate drink , will have to try that. Hope your family is feeling better soon ...our kids have the flu and I can't wait till things get back to normal.

farmer_liz said...

I love the "surprise" meals. Fortunately I am not required to name my made up meals. Most of the contain kale at the moment, and leeks, because I have so many to use up. Anything in the slow cooker is a "stew". I put liver in the stew last week and Pete liked it more than I did! My mum came to stay and picked out all the kale from her salad and refused to eat sliver beet, that was a role-reversal!

Kathryn Ray said...

Oh yeah, If we are unable to make up a fancy name, we call it "casserole" even though it's never technically a "casserole."

One I haven't made in a while I call "Magic Sandwich." ... sauteed veggies piled on toasted bread and broiled with cheese on top.

We don't even have kids, just a silly thing that Hubba and I do.

Linda said...

Tania, it's very rare that I please them all in the same meal. Really I've given up trying to. I have a non-egg eater too. And one who hates potato! I didn't think any kids hated potato.

Kim, Yes! I want a cheese and chocolate bush too! I hope your kids are feeling better.

Hi Liz, We've been using Kale and broadbeans a lot. They are always suspiciously green in a meal. I can't believe your mum was picky about the veggies. That's funny!

Kathryn, I love the Magic Sandwich idea. In fact, I'll toss around the word magic for a few different meals. That's bound to work. Good on you and Hubba for naming your meals!