Friday, 23 November 2012

A Wee Poem

After my last post I've been thinking a lot about the ways we waste water.  I had a poem floating around in my head, so I've put pen to paper.  Those of you who have been reading here for a while will know I occasionally subject you to my poems!


If you never pee outside,
then I really think that you oughta.

Whenever you go and wee in the bowl,
it’s just a waste of good water.

That’s sixteen glasses you’re wasting you know,
Every time you need to go.

If you think you’re too good to pee in the grass
Then I say you’re too precious about your #@&#

There are some that I know that compost their wee,
With a proper toilet, not under a tree!

It’s about the planet and only using our share,
To indulge in luxury isn’t fair.

Now if your concern is about being wet
Then your priorities, I just don’t get.

And besides, when I think of it, I have a good giggle,
You just need to learn to do a good jiggle!

So don’t be a princess or don’t be a prince,
Don’t be a wuss and whinge and wince.

Don’t think you’re too good to go outside,
It’s easy to find a good place to hide.

Our water is precious, don’t flush it away,
How can you possibly think that’s okay!

And to those who read this and say eeeeoooo
It’s not like I’m asking you to do a poo!!!
Though come to think of it........................

Now, some of my family members (not the ones in this house) were concerned about me posting this poem.  Two of them expressed the concern that I would be perceived as 'weird'.

I really understand their concern but this brings up a whole new issue for me.  The reason I could be perceived as weird is because our society has made certain decisions on how we should behave.  I often feel the general public are ashamed of being animals and do everything that they can to distance themselves from nature.  We have been conditioned to fall into these prescribed behaviours along with everyone else so that we will be accepted.

Well we are animals.  We wee!  That's okay!  I don't know why it's such a bad thing to mention it.  Are we being pretentious so as to prove we are on a higher level than other animals.  We have amazing power, as humans, to change the world around us.  We can build homes, invent machines to make our lives easier, we can research to discover why things happen, communicate with each other remotely................... the list goes on and on!

Does that really make us superior to other creatures?  I'm not sure!  I can't think of another animal in the world, who if given these powers, would discover that they were damaging their own world, choose to ignore the fact, and just continue to make themselves happy and comfortable while they go about figuratively blowing themselves up!

I wonder if humans will video their own demise on their Iphones, if they ultimately manage to destroy the planet?!

And to those family members who gave me their feedback - Thank you for your honesty.  I really appreciate it (no sarcasm here), it's just that I'm comfortable being a little different when I believe it's the right thing to do.


purplepear said...

Good for you to dare to be different anyway. I love your poem and don't think you are one bit weird. We have composting toilets so I don't wee outside but maybe the oranges would appreciate it now and then.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I think you are perfectly normal it is just that society makes people a bit precious about things. We run our toilet on bore water but we still live byt the "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

Linda said...

Thanks Kate! And you have a composting toilet. Wow! I would love to make one ourselves. They don't look hard. It's just a matter of getting to it.

Thanks Fiona. Nice to have support! I keep thinking I should put a sign up in the toilet that says that.

Vintage Wedding Jaipur said...

Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

Busy mum of 3 said...

Your poem just gave me the biggest laugh!

I love it!

I've actually just come to realise that I'm a bit different from most, and I was uncomfortable about it for a while, but I truley am learning to embrace difference. I'm trying not to put anyone in a box with a label anymore, and I'm shocked at how conditioned we are to do it. We have been conditioned to all be the same, but it's the weird, strange, eccentric people which give life it's light and shade, and vibrance, so I for one am proud that I will be contributing to that, and I am certainly proud of you too.

livingsimplyfree said...

I love this poem. We used to travel quite a bit when my boys were younger, being boys it was easy to train them to let me know when they needed to stop and water the grass, I've even taught my grand daughter to go in the grass rather than run inside each time she needs to pee. I carry a rag to wipe her with and then just toss it in the laundry.

And to answer your question, too many people do believe they are better than the other animals, I read somewhere (wish I could remember where) that humans are the only ones who create trash. some thing I try to remind myself of.

Linda said...

Hi Busy Mum, Thanks. Yes life would be so boring if we were all the same.

Lois, I had never realised that we are the only ones making rubbish. I suppose I should have really. How horrific! That really makes you stop and think about the way we live, doesn't it?!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I'd feel a little exposed in our backyard, but I do love a bush wee. The non flushing is so ingrained in our children they often forget to flush down their poos - a little too water wise for my liking, and a little nasty for unsuspecting guests.