Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Magic of Rain

It rained last night.  It's the first rain we've had in a long time.  Have you ever noticed how differently the garden responds to rain falling from the sky as opposed to artificial watering.  I remember reading somewhere that rain has nitrogen in it?  Something to do with lightning?  I don't know.  I just know that the garden is fully aware of whether I am keeping it wet, or the rain is doing the job.  I wandered around the wet garden in my slippers this morning.  Yeah I know, I know, but it was calling to me.  There was no time to dress!

The birds are singing beautifully this morning.  If you are interested in the different calls, I found a site that has recordings of some of the most common.  Our block is natural bushland and I enjoyed listening to the recordings competing with the choughs and wrens singing nearby.  I feel so lucky.

We have all been unwell over the last few days.  Just a nasty cold but it has knocked us for six!  I had all of the children home yesterday.  Hubby is the only one to have escaped but he was sneezing this morning.  Ha!  He didn't give me nearly enough sympathy for my liking so now he's in trouble if he whinges!

I haven't had any energy and didn't care that the house was looking like a bomb had hit.  I washed clothes and organised food but that was it!  Yet this morning, still not over my cold, I have woken with enthusiasm.  I'm sure it is the magic of the rain.  As I write this the children are still sleeping but as soon as they get up I will get stuck in to the housework until I run out of energy.

I'm thinking dishes, washing, lemon delicious pudding, muesli bar baking, bill paying, gardening, cleaning floors.........  I won't get through half of these jobs but it's nice to feel invigorated.

This week Belle and I have been working on a chook dome for the Australorp chickens.  In a couple of weeks they will need to move out of the brooder box.  About three years ago, my in-laws gave the children a climbing frame.  As soon as I set eyes on it, I saw a chook dome, not a climbing frame.  I waited in frustration while the children played, climbed and thoroughly enjoyed their gift.  I teased them all the time about them climbing on my chook dome.  The time has come!!!  'Sadly' the climbing frame is a bit small now (and maybe a bit brittle from the sun?  Maybe?)  Well it's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Belle has been wonderful with helping me hold the template we made for the triangles, while I cut the chook wire.  Then we both attached them by twisting tie-wire around the poles.  I think it should last a while.

I've been attempting the pattern for dishcloths from Rhonda's Down to Earth book.  It's been a lovely way to rest on the couch when I've needed to.  The idea is that they are Christmas gifts so I'd better keep at it.

I can hear a lot of coughing coming from the bedrooms now, so I think the children are waking.  I am really looking forward to my day. 

..............[and later]  Yep, the kids got up, so here I am four hours later finishing off this post.  They are all staying home again.  No dishes done yet but I have done the washing, made the muesli bars and plaited (badly) some garlic.  The muesli bars are actually honey oat bars from Purple Pear but I have renamed them and cut them the same shape as the ones other kids take to school.  I'm always looking for recipes for home-made food that is similar to the industrial food that most parents feed their children.  That way my children will fit in with their peers.  Thanks so much for this recipe Kate!  I've made them a couple of times already. 
 I am putting no pressure on myself today. I need a gentle day. Whatever I achieve will be okay. 
And one last photo on co-operation!  Our back door on the car is quite heavy.  I asked the kids to go and jump in the car the other morning.  I thought it was quite cute to come out and find this happening!
Working together to open the door

I hope you are feeling as wonderful as I am about life and that your day is fantastic whether you are homemaking or rushing around achieving other things.


farmer_liz said...

nice chook dome!! Hope you're feeling better, the rain certainly does help.

Dani said...

Nothing nicer than the smell of a rain soaked garden to start the day :)

And what a day you have planned...

Feel better.

Anonymous said...

I too found that making things that looked like what other kids ate made things easier for my children. That was a few years back and making things from scratch wasn't something anyone around here was doing. Your granola bars look delicious. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Busy mum of 3 said...

I'm feeling very energetic and enthusiastic at the moment, I don't know if it's the residual effect from my Love Food Hate Waste course, or the cow keffir I bought last Thursday from the markets! Maybe it's a bit of both, either way it's a great feeling. I've had so many 'bad' days these last few years that it feels bleeping fantastic to feel like this again.

Crunchie's Mum said...

We had the rain too and it has freshened everything up and put some more precious water in our tank.

Your muesli bars look great. I made my kids snacks for school when it was very unfashionable to do so. They always got excited when they had something which came in a packet which was rare but occasionally I would give in.

Linn said...

I am also amazed how much difference there is to the garden after it has rained compared to hand watering.
My kids love their home made treats and 'woof' them down but if they came in a wrapper they would be even more excited! 'sigh'. I guess it's just the old 'grass is greener' problem. Hope you are feeling 100% very soon.

purplepear said...

Glad you liked the muesli bars. You have inspired me to make some more! Sorry to hear that you have all been unwell. We have also had rain / So pleased and it has certainly lifted a wait from me, and I have approached the day with much more enthusiasm than I have had in a long time.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

We have the rain (delightful), colds and coughing here too (far less pleasant). I made some elderberry flower cordial which seemed to make us feel a little better. Love your chook dome ingenuity.

Linda said...

Thanks Liz,It's a beauty isn't it! ;)

Dani, I could smell my Lavender and Sage quite strongly. Beautiful!

Hi Lois, yes, my kids were envious of jelly cups so I just made jelly and poured them over fruit in re-usable containers. Always on the look-out for new ideas.

Busy Mum, I'm loving your enthusiasm at the moment. I can see changes are happening for you and it's fantastic! Blogging is fantastic but can't compare to real life connections.

Hi Crunchie's Mum and Linn, I know! Isn't it tough when they find the commercial stuff exciting. I recently took the kids to one of those cheap two dollar type shops (which I normally avoid like the plague but I needed soap moulds). You should have heard their excitement. "Oooh! Look at this!" "Wow! This is soooo pretty!"

Kate, I loved your recipe. I'm glad you enjoyed some rain too!

Hi Kirsty, Elderberry cordial. It sounds almost romantic! I don't have an elderberry but maybe I should!