Sunday, 23 December 2012

39 Degrees

Talking to myself in the garden....... "I will not swear at the wheelbarrow!  I will not swear at the wheelbarrow!  I will not get grumpy just because I'm hot!"
Today is going to be 39 degrees celsius (102.2 fahrenheit) so I need to get some work done early.  The old barrow I inherited from Nana is not up to the job at hand but I can't be bothered walking out the back to get the other one.

 I've collected seeds so that I can pull out the dead looking plants.  They look awful!
But after pulling the plants and a bit of weeding, I need to cover the soil with straw so that it doesn't get scorched today.  Hence the wheelbarrow war. 

My zucchinis are battling.  For various reasons I haven't been addressing problems in the garden lately.  Well this morning that will change.
I have watered the little dwarfs and now I'm protecting them with some shade.  I've been meaning to prune the buddljia for a while, so I pinched some branches to stick in the soil around the zucchinis.  There!  That should see them through the day!

The pumpkins were wilting at ten in the morning.
Possibly my industry in the garden has been brought about by my new op shop find.  Whadda ya think of me new overalls?!
The photographer (hubby) has given me non-chemical tooth whitening with some dappled sunlight!  Clever effect hey?

Then on to the chickens!  We normally leave them in their pen during the day with a little free range in the orchard before bed.  Today I have let them all out.  I want them to be able to find the coolest spot they can.  I would hate to trap them in a hot shed.  The chicks made a bee line for some leaf litter near the shed and are happily scratching for bugs.  I just need to make sure I know where the dogs are because they get excited by the chickens! 
As for the chooks in the house pen (the one near the house) they are staying cool under the shady tree already.
And those dogs I was worried about......  I don't think they'll be bothering the chickens today........
While I worked in the sun the girls played happily under the paulownia......
creating a fairy house.......
complete with pond! 
Hmmm!  I don't remember being asked about my little balsamic vinegar dish being used in the garden!!!

So now that we have completed a few 'damage control' tasks, we sit.  We'll take it easy in the house or on the verandah and wait for the heat to subside.  We'll try not to use the air conditioner.  If we don't rush around we should be fine.  We have water in the jug and a spare bottle cooling on another shelf.  There are icy poles in the freezer.  I'm on the verandah now, listening to the crickets in stereo from either side of the hill. 

Hubby and I will be checking the CFA (country fire authority) website regularly as well as keeping our eyes open for smoke.  There is a severe fire risk today and the wind is picking up...

I think I will knit and do some of the cooler jobs in the kitchen such as making lemon cordial for Christmas day.  And I'm pretty sure I have some presents to wrap if I run out of other quiet jobs!

I hope you are all staying cool today and please - be safe!


Busy mum of 3 said...

You may have the heat, but the North Coast claims the humidity this year. Two minutes typing brings out a sweat these days!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the overalls!
I'd so love a pair of those.

Lynn said...

It's going to be a long summer me thinks! Love the new outfit and how creative are your girls! Take it easy Linda. Hope you have a great Chrissy.

Linda said...

Hi busy mum, humidity is exhausting but the burning heat is pretty revolting too. We lost one of the chicks yesterday even though I kept an eye on them. Obviously I didn't check often enough!

Yep, we're seeing fires spring up all the time already just because it's sooo dry. And I was pretty chuffed with the overalls. I was actually searching for work pants for hubby but came home with those.

Margaret said...

Jobs for a stinking hot day....clean out the fridge or freezer, girls can make snowmen out of the freezer frost for the fairies.
Some heat bags can be stored in the freezer then applied to neck or thighs for a good cooling down.
Hope you all have a lovely family Christmas.

Linda said...

Gee Margaret, What great ideas! The fridge could really have done with a wipe over too! Too busy baking for tomorrow atm so I'll clean the fridge on the next hot day. Merry Christmas!

Country Wife said...

I'm almost envious of your heat! We are in for a major snowstorm, and right now the temp is -2 Celcius with a wind chill of -8. Brrrr!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

Linda said...

Hi Country Wife, My Goodness! We don't live in an area where it snows but I still find winter cold. With just a few frosts. I can't imagine living in the snow. Keep warm!