Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Junk Heap

I believe the Junk Heap is a great Aussie icon, but to be honest I'm not really sure.  Maybe Junk Heaps are only something I have grown to know in my own family, but I don't think so.

Maybe they are only a country thing but I suppose people in the city may have them.  Possibly they go by different names for different people but Hubby and I know them as a Junk Heap.  And we love them!

Now don't be deceived by the name.  A Junk Heap doesn't really contain junk.  It contains treasure.  My father-in-law has a beauty!  Row upon row of stuff.  Reusable, wonderful stuff.  Good wide aisles for easy access.  Hubby spends a lot of time wandering around the Junk Heap when we go to visit.  There are tyre rims, nuts and bolts, hose fittings, bits of pipe, spanners, bearings, bits of steel, motors of all types, pieces of wood etc. These are bits and pieces that he has gathered and collected over the years that other people would have just discarded.  He snaps them up and takes them home to the Junk Heap because he might find a purpose for them one day........

I wish I had have known the urge to write this post was coming because I would have loved to have taken some photos to show you.

And why do we love Junk Heaps?  Because they are all about DIY, reusing, repairing and making do.  They are a fantastic resource for sustainability and knowing how to look after yourself!

And what inspired me to write this post? 

The photo above.  Hubby has been collecting bits and pieces.  Is this the birth of a new Junk Heap I'm witnessing, or just a bunch of junk he's dumped where our wood gets split in winter?  This pile is right outside the back of our house.

Oh, and darling................ if it's a Junk Heap could you just move it out the back, past the orchard, before it gets any bigger?!


Lynn said...

I guess our junk heap would be at the side of our house where bits and pieces are stored 'in case we might need that later'. I would imagine that the more space available the bigger our junk heap would be!

Kathryn Ray said...

Our neighbor has a junk heap in his pasture... rows and rows of stuff he's traded for in lieu of payment. We think of it as junk, but I'm certain he thinks of it as treasure. ;-)

We do have a wood pile... or two, actually. One that's ready for the fireplace and one that full of wood that either needs to be cut down into fire wood, or turned into something else. I'm planning to use some of it for raised beds in the new garden.

Linda said...

Well there you go Kathryn! It's not just an Aussie thing then. And yes, the wood pile! Another thing to love.

Linda said...

Hi Lynn, it makes sense to keep stuff that might be useful. I think you've hit the nail on the head though. It needs to be in the right place and the right size!

Evi said...

Great post, Linda! We have a junk heap similar to your father in laws - with aisles and lots of 'junk' I mean treasures!! I LOVE junk heaps and junk yards, theres just so much potential there!!

Kim said...

Yep , we have one out behind the shed. It has poly pipe, chicken wire, wooden palettes...ahhhh, a gardener's treasure! When people can't find me , that is where I am with wire cutters, a saw and visions of some great garden invention.

Linda said...

Hi Evi, Wow! You have a real one with aisles! Do you find people enjoy poking through it? Hubby could spend hours dreaming in a junk heap.

And Kim, you put me to shame. I get hubby to do all the boysy stuff you're talking about! Good on you!