Friday, 4 January 2013

We Need Wind Farms

A community near me has been having an issue relating to wind farms.  There is one proposed locally and the division over the issue really surprised me.

I hadn't realised there was a whole group of people out there that are opposed to wind farms.  This particular community has had many letters written into the local paper claiming that wind farms cause all manner of problems.  Of course I had heard of the issues surrounding the Waubra area but I hadn't realised that organised anti-wind farm groups from elsewhere become involved when they realise there is a proposed farm anywhere. Basically they have supported (and possibly increased) the fears of nearby residents.

These groups are claiming that wind farms cause illness.  They have called it Wind
Turbine Syndrome and claim its symptoms are dizziness, nausea, insomnia, ringing in the ears, school refusal in children (yeah, I know!  bizarre!) and other things as well.  These claims are generating fear in many communities and I've watched them generate fear in the sensible community near us. 

It's sad to see people disagree and divide because we need to work together to address the urgent issue of climate change.  I am disturbed to see organised groups causing such fear.

There are articles written that suggest at least one of these groups have a strong connection with mining companies.  Please have a read for yourselves.

In this day and and age I can't believe anyone would oppose this form of renewable energy.  Do they not realise the alternatives are just accepting climate change and suffering the consequences or possible alternatives like nuclear power?

Anyway the long and the short of it is that a local environmental group, together with Yes2Renewables, have produced a fantastic flier in response.  It is factual and no-nonsense and definitely worth a read.  Hopefully it can allay some of the fears caused by so much mis-information.

This particular proposed wind farm is now in the hands of VCAT and we will have to wait and see what the final outcome will be. 

Addendum:- I'm not very computer savvy at all.  I do apologise but I thought you would be able to click on the flyer (like you do with a photo) and it would enlarge.  Wrong!

I suggest you pop over to Abdallah House to read the flyer.  It is well worth a visit to Richard's blog anyway because he's a very knowlegeable man on permaculture and sustainability.  Have a look around while you're there.


Anonymous said...

We have plenty of opposition to wind farms here too. Living along the water, the wind farms wouldn't even have to be in one's back yard, the biggest complaint outside of harming bats, is that it would spoil the views of the lake. I can't speak for anyone else, but I love seeing a huge wind farm, it's soothing to me like a piece of art.

On that note, I have never heard of a wind farm causing children to refuse to go to school, that's a new one. I can come up with plenty of reasons children would come up with to stay home from school, but even the most inventive child I can't see coming up with that one.

Linda said...

Ha ha! Here's a thought! Maybe they are staying home to watch the gentle, graceful movement of the turbines? Sick of the chaotic pace of the world generated by fossil fuels?

Busy mum of 3 said...

School refusal in children! Now I've heard it all! Haven't laughed so hard in weeks!