Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 Update (laughable)

Have you noticed that I've been posting often lately?  I don't understand it really.  Often I have nothing much to say but, just at this point in time, I have an absolute backlog of posts in my head!  Maybe it's because I'm so relaxed at the moment.  No school day rush and tear to clog my brain.  My mind just keeps chattering away to me and I want to share so many thoughts with you.
I don't even know where to start with all the half formed posts floating in the space between my ears but some posts are more time dependant than others. Like today's - I want to share the list of things I wrote last January.  The list in purple were the things I wanted to achieve for the year.  I will update you in black under each wish.
    • Learn to crochet from a pattern

    •  Make soap again
                    Yes (lots)
    • Sew again
                     Yes (sandwich wraps, lunch and snack bags, smocks........)
    • Make raffia hats again
    • Complete our six rotational paddocks (or at least complete the last one we started!)
    • Prepare our property for keeping and milking goats
    • Make a rag rug in winter (I saw some beautiful homemade ones the other day.                   Nope
    •   Make something from my own yarn (still learning to spin though) 
                      Nope (still trying to spin)
    • Teach the children to be more independent around the house (thus making every thing else possible!)
                    Hmmmm.  Maybe?!  A little?!
    • Have all my Christmas presents made by October so that we enjoy the lead up to Christmas
                    Absolute fail!  Started in December and kept going until Christmas Day itself!         
    • See my granddaughter more
                    Results not great.  Nowhere near as much as I would have liked!
    • Keep working on reducing our ecological footprint through the way we eat (local, fair trade, organic, homegrown etc.)
                    Yes!  I'm very happy with how we are learning to manage our food.  More and more we are buying local as we find new sources - and we produce less rubbish all the time.
    • Record our electricity/solar usage so I can argue effectively with our provider who always get it wrong.
                    Yes!  I no longer need to keep records because they are finally giving us correct bills.
    • Keep a tidier house
                    Some days yes, other days a big fat NO!
    • Have people over more often (this is dependent on how I go with the above wish)
                  Yes!  We entertained a lot more this year.  I think as the kids get older I find it easier to have people over.  I used to get very stressed trying to watch the kids with cars arriving, people leaving doors and gates open and all the while trying to smile and create small talk while wondering if the kids were safe.  I think the result was a very harassed hostess who thought she was smiling but it probably looked more like a grimace!!!  These days having people over is heaps of fun.  We just need to find time to keep up with our jobs around the place a bit better this year. 
Soooooo.............. You're allowed to laugh at my expense.  No list for me this year and if I did have one it would be more realistic.  I would however still like to achieve some of those things.  Oh... and I do want to learn how to play a guitar.

How do you go with your time management?  Are you able to picture your abilities and limitations more clearly than me?


purplepear said...

It sounds to me that you had quite a good 2012 even if you didn't get everything done on your list. the things you did achieve were great.I agree that entertaining is much easier when the children are older. I'm not much good at time management but do try to get a daily list of things to do written up over breakfast otherwise my day rolls from one task to another and ends with me feeling things haven't really been achieved. But if I can cross jobs off on a list well, I feeel really great.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call your accomplishments laughable, you did quite well. If you prioritized your list I'm sure you would find you completed or are working on completing the ones that are most important to you, like learning to spin.

farmer_liz said...

Its good to have stretch targets... I still have one and a half socks to knit, so i can't laugh at you!

Kathryn Ray said...

I agree. It looks like you made a whole lot of progress on the really important stuff.

My list is never finished. I learned a long time ago to not beat myself up about it. As things get accomplished, I just re-prioritize what's next. ;-)

Happy New Year!

Caro said...

Linda I believe you've done an amazing job. Lists like these are never ending, especially when you have a property. It's a lifetime job and always good to recall and pat yourself on the back for what you have achieved. Well done!

Busy mum of 3 said...

I'm hoping my ability to complete my goals will sky rocket this year, my third and final child starts school this year, so I SHOULD be able to get a lot more done....we'll see...!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I think it is great that you achieved what you did. My time management is ok but I suffer from taking on too much and it comes at a personal cost of lost sleep and being grumpy at home.

Linda said...

Hi Kate, Yes I'm a list writer too. It feels good to cross off the tasks and feel like you're getting somewhere!

Thanks Lois, and you're right. Except for seeing more of my granddaughter. I want to address that this year.

Oh Liz, you gave Hubby and I such a laugh! I'm terribly sorry about the socks. If I do another giveaway, I'll try and make it a kinder one!

Yes Kathryn, I need to focus on what I have done, rather than what I haven't. Though that does mean I shouldn't set such crazy targets.

Hi Caro, Yes it is a lifetime job. Funny how if we look back two or three years we feel we've achieved heaps! It's the goal setting I need to get a handle on, not the daily life.

Cheryl, you and me both! I'm sending Pumpkin off this year and will have no kids at home! Watch this space!

Hi Fiona, Yes, the old 'taking on too much'! It's like a disorder of sorts, isn't it. I'm guilty of this one too.