Wednesday, 6 February 2013

An ethical dilema

I went to the race course to get manure recently.  Look what I found!
Obviously someone had come collecting earlier and had forgotten their fork.  Now I've always considered myself one of the most honest people I know.  Too honest for my own good sometimes!  But I wanted to take it home and Hubby was horrified!  I told him my theory.  If I left it, it wouldn't be the owner who came back to get it.  Someone else would come along and take it without a second thought.
If the owner didn't end up with it, then I could give it a good home....... put it to good use!  What if someone else found it and just put it in a shed to be used once or twice a year.

So we left it there but, when passing through town six hours later, we had another look and it was still there.  I took it and left a note for the owner with my number on it.

My mother and Hubby saw it as straightforward.  It wasn't mine.  I shouldn't have taken it. 

I saw it as finders keepers.  Better me than the next bloke.  Having said that, I don't subscribe to losers weepers and would have been delighted to reunite the fork with its owner.

What would you have done?  Is there even an ethical dilema or was I just plain naughty?  Be honest!


Dani said...

Oh dear - I would have been tempted too... And RMan would reacted like your hubby.

Had I been on my own I probably would given it a (new) loving home LOL I mean - imagine how rejected the fork now feels - nobody is using it therefore nobody loves it anymore.

Linda said...

No Dani, you must have missed that bit. The fork is not lonely! I DID take it!

purplepear said...

You left a note so everythings OK by me. I'm the same as you I think. No good leaving it there if no one comes back for it.

aportugueseadventure said...

I agree - you left a note. You just have to be prepared to give it up if the owner does call! If they don't, it has gone to a good home, which is much better than sitting unloved.

Of course, if you hadn't left a note, that would be a different matter altogether!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Oh what a dilema, I am not sure what I would I have done but I know I would have been tempted to take it.

Busy mum of 3 said...

In our house, my hubby would have been the keen one to "acquire" it, and it would have been me saying, "No, no, you can't do that!" (We have "acquired" many items literally off the side of the road this way!)

You left a note, it's up to the owner now, and how much they care, I don't think you have done anything wrong.

Lynn said...

I think you did the right thing by leaving a note. Who knows, the next person who took it might not have and the owner would never have had the chance to 'own' it again.

Linda said...

Hi Kate, Surely too good an opportunity to pass up!

Hi aportugueseadventure, We even discussed handing it in at the police station and asking could we have it if the owner didn't show. We decided they would laugh at us! So we went with the note.

Fiona, Busy Mum and Lynn, I still wonder if I might find the owner. A local blog reader maybe? Maybe we'll find them at the swap market this weekend. If not....... it's mine! Woo Hoo!

Robyn said...

You left a note and you are keeping it safe for when/if the owner wants it back. I would have done the same. Another possibility is the reverse of what you think could belong to one of the trainers who stable their horses there as they could have taken it off a wheelbarrow to add to the pile and forgotten to pick it back up again?
Is there a racecourse caretaker you could contact?

Country Wife said...

Sounds like the kind of mess I'd find myself in!

I nominated you for an award!

Barb. said...

I think it's mine. yes I remember, I left it there...just before you found it.

That is a pretty good will you know if the right person rings you? And how long have they got, a week, a month...
I don't think you did the wrong thing and handing lost property into police stations doesn't always go to the rightful owner anyway.


Dani said...

Linda - I didn't miss the bit about your taking it home - my grammar was incorrect.

What I meant to say was:

"Imagine how rejected the fork feels just lying there - nobody is using it - therefore (in it's brain?) nobody loves it anymore." LOL