Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Family Business

We've had a busy couple of weeks.  A couple of weeks where my family seem to need a lot of my time!

There have been two birthdays.  The first was Belle's.  I can't believe she's ten!  When did those years disappear?
And my little granddaughter Ella turned two.
And I've been learning some basic stuff about digital photography.  Did you notice I've labelled my photo?  I imagine you'll be seeing this sporadically now until I get better at doing it.  It's not complicated but it takes me about half an hour to remember all the steps.
I've been very happy with my wicking beds!  While my exposed veggie garden dried out and died, these beds have grown very quickly.  They have water in the bottom of the container and as the level drops, we top it up via a pipe to the bottom.  We popped these in a fairly shady spot and they have used hardly any water!  I think I'm falling in love with wicking beds!  But the bad news........ my new dorking chickens found a hole in the fence and enjoyed my yummy lettuce and young silverbeet.  *sigh*  If it's not one thing, it's another!

Rosie has been needing some time with me lately and I've been glad to have that time available.  The last few years I've been so busy with Buddy Boy's intervention that I've not been as available as I would have liked.

Rosie at Ella's birthday party
And finally.........  I've been doing some fund raising work for Down Syndrome Victoria.  It has been a bit time consuming but, as with everything worth putting time into, has been heart warming and rewarding!  People are sooooo generous!

How's your busyness going on a scale of one to ten?!


Evi said...

Ten!!! xx

Lynn said...

Ten, only have time to read posts ot write any!

africanaussie said...

Oh I am getting ready to start some wicking beds myself - what do you put in the very bottom layer? I was thinking of course stone (17mm) The thing that is worrying me is that mosquitoes might breed in the standing water. we live in the tropics where mosquitoes will breed anywhere.

Linda said...

Evi! Lynn! So good to hear from you. I suppose life will quieten down one day... I look forward to your posts when it does.

African Aussie, I don't know about the mosquito issue. They certainly wouldn't be as bad in our climate. I put in a layer of rocks, layer of smaller rocks and a layer of coarse sand. Then soil/compost on top. Don't make your rock layers too high or you won't have enough room for soil. I hope you have fun with it and can't wait to hear what you think of them. I think they are magical!! Everything grows well AND we save water!

purplepear said...

10 also.Just finding to read and comment on my fav. blogs but not much time to write one myself. Love your wicking bed. We've just put in our first one. Decided to give them a go for carrots as our soil is too heavy to grow them well.They seem to be going well so will probably make more.

Busy mum of 3 said...

I have been busy being sick! :(
And not much else these last couple of weeks. I'm just starting to feel a bit better...sort I've been furiously cleaning up the sadly neglected house.

Christine said...

The birthday photos are so sweet and lively! My month of birthdays is April, lucky to have the holidays to do something special.

narf7 said...

I am with Christine on the April many of them (I am thinking of hiding under the bed for the whole month ;) ). Love the birthday shots and the busyness of it all...did you get the rain that we got showered with yesterday here in Northern Tassie? I hope so :). That's 2 of my fellow bloggers that are using wicking beds and that have had great success...looks like that's the way to go with these exponentially increasing long hot dry summers in Aus. Thank you for sharing your birthday month with us :)

livingsimplyfree said...

My life is closer to a 9, I can't seem to find enough time for myself right now to just be. I've seen these around here as self-watering pots but am hesitant to try one myself as I found a neighbors filled with mold in the lower container. How do you control keeping the water clean?

Linda said...

Kate I can't believe how well carrots grow in the wicking beds! I've never been able to get them to germinate before but now I have a whole bed of them. I look forward to seeing photos of yours.

Hi Cheryl, Isn't it frustrating being sick! Lucky that housework waits patiently for us....

Yes Christine, School holiday birthdays are a good way to go! Good planning on your behalf!

Hi Narf7, Yes, yes, yes! We had some rain! I'm happy to hear that you're getting it too. Good luck with your April busyness!

Lois, I don't know about the mould issue. I'm brand new to wicking beds. I'll have to let you know as I go along. It is a pretty dry environment around here? I'd love to hear info from anyone who knows more.