Sunday, 10 March 2013

Pig in Mud

I'm whinging a lot lately!  I lament time passing -  I blink and a day has gone and I haven't achieved half of what I had planned.  I groan about the weather - it is sooo hot and horrible that we can't sleep at night and don't feel like doing anything during the day.  And my goodness, you should hear me go on about the lack of rain!!!

I hear myself and think, "Shut UP Linda!".  But still I keep going.........

So I would like to say right here and right now, when it comes to the big picture, I am truly a pig in mud.  Just wish we could get some rain so the damn mud would stop drying up!  Ooops, there I go again! 

In the big picture I have a healthy family and we're a pretty functional family at least 90% of the time.  The other 10% is in the mornings trying to get ready for school.  Things aren't pretty at our place in the mornings!

I am involved in a community in which I feel I belong.   In fact, I have three aspects to my community.  My school community, my local community and my fellow 'greeners'.  These communities overlap each other of course.  They are each wonderful in their own ways.

We attended our swap market yesterday with my 'fellow greeners'.   I'm always on top of the world on the second Saturday of the month.  A friend made me some olive, garlic and rosemary bread that she made with the starter I gave her at the sour dough day.  Twas yum!  We came home with wine, spicy pleach (not a spelling error - peach and plum crossed) relish, grapes, home made ginger beer, tomatoes and something called Kasaundi.  Apparently it's an Indian tomato relish (I'm a little scared of it to be honest.  It's got some heat to it!)   A couple of the tomatoes I brought home were ripe to the point of bursting so I made some tomato soup for lunch.  The recipe is at the end of this post.
We are known by our produce at the market.  When discussing a third party, if you get a blank stare you qualify with something like, "You know, the Olive Lady."  We have the aforementioned plus the Blueberry Lady, the Kale Lady, and the Pig Lady plus more.  I've been working on my social niceties ever since the day I introduced the latter to someone.  With my very best manners I said, "Oh Mary, have you met the Pig Lady?"  Hmmmm.  Well she sells organic pork!  That's okay, isn't it?!  I'm not sure if I'm known by my produce.  I could be the Flour Lady or the Rhubarb lady or maybe I'm just Linda.
I have heaps of handy skills that I can put to use if only it weren't too damned hot to move like gardening, baking, cooking, sewing, knitting, mending, soapmaking, a sprinkling of aromatherapy knowledge and a few herbal remedies.

So truly, I'm very happy with how our lives are going.  I like the fact that we are careful, community minded and connected.  I like that our kids are growing up watching us sourcing local food, being involved with people on many levels and seeing us shy away from a materialistic lifestyle.

So I am happy!  Just bear with me if I whinge........

Quick Tomato Soup

60 grams butter
Good splosh of quality olive oil
1 onion cut into half rings
4 large ripe tomatoes, chopped
2 litres chicken stock
1 teaspoon sugar
1 or two teaspoons of basil according to taste

Cut the onion into rings.  Cut the rings in half.  Melt the butter with the oil and saute the onions till translucent. 

Add tomatoes and simmer until soft.  The time varies depending on how ripe your tomatoes are.  Mine took about 15 minutes to reach a really broken down state.  (You are supposed to remove the skins but I can never be bothered.  I figure the family can eat around them but you might be kinder than me!)
Add the chicken stock, sugar and basil and simmer for about five minutes.  Sometimes I squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice when I add these ingredients but I didn't bother today.

Season with pepper and serve. It is very quick and easy and it's just DELICIOUS!
I only used two tomatoes yesterday because I'm saving the rest of them for something else.  Therefore your soup will look tomatoey-er than mine.

Don't forget to come back and tell me what you think coz I reckon this will become a summer favourite for you too!

Now I must go because it's going to be another revolting day!  Hot and sweaty and yes, you guessed it, not a drop of rain in sight for the next seven days!!! 


angela said...

I'm like you whining about the weqther and lack of rain. It's good that you have looked at the pick picture, sometimes we do forget to count our blessings. Let's hope we qre blessed with rain soon.

Busy mum of 3 said...

Don't woory Linda, I'm up on the North Coast whinging ABOUT the rain, we are never satisfied sometimes are we.

Lynda D said...

Your communities sound wonderful. It takes effort to reach out and be part of the life going on around you. How easy would it be to sit in your hot house and do nothing and whinge whinge until you turn into a witch. LOL BUT i do agree. Long weekend and we are trapped inside because of the heat. Up we up to day 10 yet, Mon and Tues are going to be hotter. Autumn is my favorite time of year and it hasnt arrived yet.

livingsimplyfree said...

I completely get your introducing people by their products at the farmer's market. We have the lettuce lady, the maple lady, the cheese lady, and so on.

I whine enough about our cold and snow, but I rarely whine about the heat I love the feeling of the sun baking down on me and to feel the winter cold leaving my bones. Rain, I like in doses mostly at night when I want to sleep.

narf7 said...

We are in the same boat...its Northern Tasmania, we pay 15c more a litre for our fuel and the payoff is WE GET RAIN! Apparently not this year we don't. No rain for at least another month and we have only had 2 rain events since November! I feel your crisp pain and I raise you a crumbling garden that I can hear sighing along with the dogs and the everpresent breeze that is hell bent on sucking the last of the sparce moisture out...and you think YOU can whinge!!! ;). At least we are all in it together I guess :)

purplepear said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that you have had no rain . I remember feeling exactly the same 2 years ago when the whole of Australia was flooding except us. We had no rain at all, and it felt like it was just our tiny little farm that was rain poor. Up until a feww weeks ago it was the same for us and I know that it really effects me emotionally. Who'd be a farmer. I'm feeling for you, but hang in there. Each day is another day closer to rain as Mark would say. Love love that you have such a wonderful community.