Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Helping Hands

It's school holidays so I'm expecting more of the children than usual.  Not just because I can't keep up with doing everything for five people, but because I would like them to grow up knowing that it's important to contribute and to be experienced at looking after themselves.

So I asked them to hang out the washing.  They are six, seven and ten years old after all!

I hung up a large quilt (too big for them to manage) and then left them to it.  I went to roll the pastry for dinner feeling a bit supermum-ish.  I mean, life's really quite easy if you organise it well......
 Item one (blue towel)- I reckon it might have been dropped in the dirt.  What do you think?
 Item two(blue jeans) - I'm not sure how long these bunched up jeans will take to dry!
Item three (bread bag) - The plastic bag has been hung with the opening at the top.  Not a hope in hell of it drying like this!
Item four (pink jeans next to item three) - What!  You've got to be kidding me!  Well I suppose we could do away with pegs if we used this child's method. 

So now what?!  Do I ask them tomorrow or do I just do it myself?  *sigh*

Do you insist that your kids hinder help you too?


Lynda D said...

I can insist all i want but that doesnt mean that my 16 yr old is going to do it. LOL

Becca said...

Just remember, practice makes perfect! Give them some more instruction and let them do it again, and again and again :-) you didn't learn to do it all in one go either did you? :-) I give my children plenty of opportunity to practice

Dani said...

Bless them - not bad for a first attempt, I reckon :)

Yeah - let them get in some practice - reckon they aren't too old to learn, unlike my hubby. He also can't get his head round the right way and the wrong way to hang up clothing. Drives me scatty, so I try and (severely) limit his attempts at "helping" me with that chore.

Tracey said...

LOL. That's gorgeous! My boys are 8 but little and they have no hope of reaching the washing line - who knows what it would be like if they could! I get them to help me with jobs as I do them. It's often hinder helping and takes great patience, but, like yours, I know they won't leave home not knowing how to stack a dishwasher, cook some basics, wash clothes, vacuum/sweep/mop, make beds etc. it's amazing how many teens know nothing about basic personal care type housework! (In fact, I reckon my hubby hung washing like that when we first moved in together!)

purplepear said...

You've got to wonder sometimes don't you. What a laugh.

Caro said...

What a hoot! Made me feel a lot better about my current, mostly failed, attempts to get my kids to do more around the house. It's SOOO hard when it's so much easier and quicker to do it yourself. But of course they need to learn... Only one of mine could reach the clothes line so my next attempt (just got putting away the clean dishes down pat) will be getting them to put away their folded clothes after I do washing. Caro xo

Anonymous said...

I would have them take the laundry down to see what dried and what didn't for themselves. Then have them do it again and again until they get it down. I actually don't think it was a bad first attempt. Try letting a 3-year old help you vacuum :-) that was fun to say the least for me.

Kim said...

That is a photo to keep ! I went out one day after my kids 'helped' and there were about 4 things stuck under one peg.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I think you have to be very careful how you respond to their help. I have a bad habit of asking Hubby to help with something and then criticising how it has been done. His response is then I should just do it myself meaning I get no help. I think the idea of getting them to take it down and see where it din't dry is a good idea but get them to keep helping and I am sure the results will improve.

Linda said...

Lynda, I sympathise. I reckon it gets harder as they get older.

Becca, you are so right. It's about standing with them and showing them the right way. I need to do this more often.

Dani, it's a bad as I thought. That was definitely NOT their first attempt. They've done it many times before. Always as badly. Possibly a case of "if we do it terribly she might not ask us next time".

I agree Tracey. It's really worth persisting. And gee, if our hubbies can learn new skills it should be a breeze with the kids!

Yes Kate. I was very amused!

Glad you enjoyed that Caro. It's funny how we all work on different skills though. I don't let mine put the folded clothes away yet coz I'm scared they'll wreck all my work.

Lois, again it's not a first attempt and they do bring the clothes in sometimes too. I hope you didn't lose too much up the vaccuum hose!

Ha ha! That's a good shortcut your kids came up with Kate!

Fiona you are right. And I did well. I never said a word, just acted like I thought they'd done well. I did show Belle the post though and she saw the funny side. I imagine she was doing it properly given her age.

And yes folks, I will keep at it until they master it!