Sunday, 7 April 2013

Here goosey, goosey, goosey!

We've had another full week!  This one has been wonderful and full of school holiday happenings. Our biggest news is that we picked up geese last weekend.  After spending a week in an aviary to 'home in', we have just let them out in the orchard today.  Having had only a large bucket of water for a week, they went nuts when they saw a little pond!
We've been to a birthday party with lots of good friends.
There was blue cake at the party.  Yuuummm!
A while ago a lovely friend was gifted a dehydrator.  She already had one so the gift giver told her she could give it to someone else who could use it!  She thought of me and I was blown away that I ended up owning a dehydrator through such sheer generosity by both women.  I left it on the bench for a few weeks and just eyed it suspiciously as I walked past.  I have never dried fruit and vegetables before and I thought it was going to be complicated.  Yesterday I gave it a try with some watermelon.
It was so successful (except the kids hated the taste of dried watermelon) that today I've been working on some tomatoes, some mandarin, some orange and bananas.  I'm loving playing with it and I can see a lot of dried food coming up over the next few months.
I've also been using the holiday time to work on the children's responsibility when it comes to household chores.  I've even taught Buddy Boy to peel the carrots.  The funny thing was, he worked it out better than me.  I showed him to hold it with one hand and peel it with the other.  Then I explained which was the sharp part and that it would hurt if it cut him.  He promptly placed the carrot on the bench, held one half and peeled the other.  Then it was a simple matter of turning the carrot to peel the other half.  Brilliant Buddy Boy!
The lemon tree is flowering profusely at the moment.  There are so many flowers that the scent wafts around the orchard.  I am amazed at the scent.  It isn't a lemony smell as I would have expected but a beautiful, soft floral perfume.
I imagine the tree is just sooo happy to have some gentler days and some moisture in the air.  In fact I've noticed many beautiful fragrances as I wander around the garden.  It feels like a mini-spring and I'm loving it!
The brassicas, garlic and onions have been planted over the last couple of weeks and the inside fire has been lit a few times lately.  The seasons are moving on..... 
And as well as the above we've been to a children's theatre show this week, visited a young friend, went to a market today, attended a forum around planning for our local area, baked sourdough....................
And somehow, although it was a very busy week, it felt good and right and fulfilling and not frantic like some of my weeks feel.
I hope you are all feeling as gooey as I am about the changing seasons.


purplepear said...

Most definitly feeling great about the change in season. love the photo of Buddy Boy peeling the carrots. Hope you get as much enjoyment from your geese as we do from ours. Do you have a breeding pair?

Nathalie Willmott said...

oooooooh dehydrated watermelon! Have never heard of that before! May need to give it a go!

Tracey said...

That all sounds so good! Loving the geese in the pond :)

Linda said...

Hi Kate, We *hope* we have a breeding pair! I think we have a male and two females but will find out over time.

Hi Nathalie, If you do some of the watermelon I'd love to know what you think. At the moment the dried fruit isn't going down well with the kids but I think it's because the texture is something they're not used to?

I love the school holidays Tracey! The pressure of rush and tear disappears for a couple of weeks. And I love sitting in the orchard just watching the geese and chooks.

Busy mum of 3 said...

We are just starting to feel the cool of Autumn up here. I am in the process of sheet and doona upgrading today. Funnily enough for me I am enjoying the cool change this year, normally I get a bit down in the dumps about the end of summer, but this year I'm embracing it.

Caro said...

Linda- another idea for the dehydrator (probably for next year- I was a bit disappointed I found out so late in the season) from a fellow BEAMer. He said he dries slices of zucchini when he has a glut- as we all do over summer- stores them in ziplop bags then adds them to stews, soups etc in winter. Fantastic idea.