Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Chook Snobbery

I raise lots of poultry
Coz I like eggs you see
I raise them for the eggs
and I raise them for my tea.

I like a roast for Sunday
And a quiche throughout the week
So while you’re buying crossbreeds
it’s the dual-breed birds I seek

Not for me the Isa brown
And not the cross bred white
Ask around.  It’s heritage!
The cross breed birds are shite.

So it’s the heritage I buy,
Light Sussex, Australorp and such
They’re the ones I have to have
 but they don’t give me much!

Organic feed I give my girls
A hot mash every day
And while I spend so dearly,
 they never, never lay!

 So now I sit here hungry
And I’m very, very poor
Because while I spend a fortune
 I get no eggs no more

 So now I sit here hungry
Coz I’m a poultry snob
And while I’m raising heritage, there’s no food on the hob....





Tania said...

Thank you for giving me a little chuckle tonight, Linda, with your poem:) Very clever. Though I do have a personal interest there, as I've been doing some research on breeds etc because we hope to have our own soon. Perhaps a future post on cross breeds vs heritage, I would really love to know a little more.

Ailsa said...

Love the poem! I just read it our to my chook loving girls! We have both purebreds and hylines/isa browns, infact my crossbreds aren't laying and my purebreed is (the other one is too young yet!)

Busy mum of 3 said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
At least your gathering
some good chook poo!!!

Kim said...

Ah, you know exactly how I am feeling with my very special chooks that are very expensive and lay when they feel like it . Great poem!! I am with you , I think I am a chook snob too.

Liz Beavis said...

I gave in and let Husband buy 3 hybrid hens for winter eggs. So far they are laying 2 per day between them and the other 12 beautiful Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns are consistently laying zero per day. I reckon the heritage breeds are better for long-term self-sufficiency plans, but the hybrids are good for short-term eggs.

Liz Beavis said...

PS love the poem, very clever :)

Tracey said...

Hehehe. Don't worry, even the poor old isa browns (ex free range egg farm girls) aren't laying. Just one egg every second day at ours - rations for sure!

purplepear said...

Love the poem. We do have crossbreeds and their laying really well/ So definitely not a chook snob.

Evi said...

Oh Linda, you crack me up!!! I have a secret little poet inside me too and think you are so brave for publishing your ditties!!
And if it's any consolation, our Isa browns are barely laying either now that its cold.....

city garden country garden said...

Love it! And good to know that it's not just my little heritage princesses that are more interested in eating than laying! ;)

Linda said...

Tania, I've been meaning to do a post on our different poultry for ages. I'll get onto it soon.

Ailsa, I'm glad your girls are chook lovers. Belle, at the age of ten, is in charge of our chooks and she spends hours in the orchard with them!

Cheryl, I love that you answered my daggy poem in kind! Cute!

Hi Kim, nice to know I'm not the only chook snob!

Liz, thank you for backing up my theory! But the heritage are lovely, aren't they?

Tracey is it mean that your lack of eggs cheers me up a little?

Kate the crossbreeds are certainly good layers! Plus it's not so cold where you are. We're getting some really chilly mornings!

Evi, I go through stages where I can't stop thinking in silly rhyme! I'll be keeping an eye out for a poem from you. Bring it on!!

CGCG, Ah! Another heritage lover! Oh well, we can always buy eggs from friends!