Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How to make Citrus Cleaner

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Now for the cleaner........

I want to revisit this natural cleaner because I recently realised not everyone knows about it. 

I kinda assumed everyone else was using it but when I was speaking about it to friends I realised this isn't the case.

It's the easiest cleaner to make!

Every time you eat a piece of citrus fruit, peel it with a potato peeler first and pop the peel in a wide-mouth jar.  Fill the jar with white vinegar and just keep adding citrus to the jar until it's fairly full.  (I just use the cheap vinegar from the supermarket)  Leave for two weeks.  The vinegar infuses with the oil from the peel.

Half fill a squirty bottle with strained citrus vinegar and top with water.

Orange peel on the left, grapefruit peel on the right (I'm still filling this jar)
I use mine for everything from benches to showers.  I find if I'm using it on something difficult to clean like the residue on the bench after I knead my sour dough, or I'm cleaning greasy cupboards or stove tops, I leave the spray on for a minute and then it just wipes off easily.

I recently read a post by Kirsten from Sustainable Suburbia and she raises the point that, if you aren't going to use it quickly, you probably should use distilled water.

So there you have it.  Better than just vinegar alone, cheap as chips, quick to make!!!  Let me know what you think of it.  Maybe you already use citrus vinegar?


Busy mum of 3 said...

I have a jar of that exact citrus cleaner sitting on my bench "brewing" as I speak, and one in my spray bottle being used!

purplepear said...

Yep I've been using it for a couple of years now. No better cleaner in my opinion

Lynda D said...

OK, just so you dont think the post was not appreciated, i havent made this nor used it. Seems simply and also very attractive in the bottle, while its brewing. Thanks.

Liz Beavis said...

I do the same, great that you can use up the old peel! And after I strain out the vinegar, I just add more vinegar to the old peel, I repeat that a few times until I get all the citrus oil out :)

Linda said...

It's amazing stuff, isn't it guys? Never thought about reusing there'll but it would work!

Linda said...

iPad makes up my words for me!