Thursday, 6 June 2013

No time to be sick

I've been crook this week..... really crook!  I think I only had the common cold except, the way I've been whinging and carrying on, I wonder if it was slightly more serious?  I think it's possible that I had a touch of Man flu!!

I don't often come to a complete halt when I'm unwell.  I just slow down a lot.  I don't have time to be sick.  I really don't!  There's always something happening that seems pressing.

This time I was very resentful of being crook.  An opportunity has come up for Buddy Boy to shine!  A music video including him and me.  I was not going to pass this up.  I think my boy is amazing and I also love any opportunity to put Down syndrome front and centre.  Down syndrome is, and should be in my opinion, a normal part of every day life.  We should all be comfortable with the common disability and therefore I welcomed this chance to put Buddy Boy in the limelight.

Anyway, they were going to be doing some filming here at our place and suddenly I could see all the stuff around.  You know, things like ice cream containers in the yard, bits and bobs from watering systems (reckon they breed when I'm not looking) and TOYS!  Not sure who's worse, the dogs or the kids when it comes to leaving toys around.
And with people expected, of course I wanted the house clean, something yummy baked etc.  Trouble is I was crook.  Very, very crook in case I haven't made it clear enough!  Feeling terrible and needed to sleep.  Yesterday I picked the kids up from school early because the thought of going at pick up time and needing to negotiate parents, kids and mayhem seemed insurmountable so I went early.  As soon as we got home I put a video on for the kids and went to bed.

I NEVER sleep when Buddy Boy is up!  NEVER!  He is a very independent and creative thinker but yesterday I just begged Belle to look after him carefully and collapsed under the covers.  My concern comes from knowing my boy.  An incident last week is a good example.  Buddy Boy was telling me he was going to pack oranges, clothes, a coconut (What! We've never had a coconut in the house!), some pots and pans.....  When I queried why he wanted to pack all these items he said, "I'm getting out of here!  Shocking!".  And why was he leaving home at the age of seven?  Well!  Half an hour earlier I had caught him with his dad's axe and stopped him from cutting wood!!!  Now can you see why I like to keep an eye on him?!
Buddy Boy has heaps of persistence!  These little buttons are tricky!
While snoozing, I could hear tinkling of dishes.  I was so grateful to Belle for realising how worried I was about the impending visit and helping me prepare!  Until I got up, that is.  No..... Belle was writing a story at the table while Buddy Boy was emptying the dishwasher.  Trouble is, it was full of dirty dishes!  Ewww!  Filthy knives with the clean ones, dirty bowls stacked with clean bowls etc.  Not content with that, he proudly announced that he had further helped me by reorganising my plastics cupboard!!!  NOOOOO!  Not the plastics cupboard!  It's bad enough when it's set up the way I like it!
He's also got lots of practical skills and knows how things should be done.  Hmmm!
But I didn't say one grumpy word.  Just explained that he needs to ask first, before he helps me!  I could see he genuinely wanted to be helpful. Though I may have muttered something to Belle about how nice it would be if she had have thought to help me.

Anyway I have been given a reprieve.  I received a phone call last night regarding a change of plan.  All the shooting will now take place in Melbourne.  That takes a lot of the pressure off!  I am feeling much better today and now have a couple more days to re-coup my energy before the Big Day.

I will have a nap soon without any kids at home.

We really don't have time to be sick, do we.  How do you give yourself time off when you're sick?  Or do you just try to keep going too?


Tracey said...

Oh dear. I hope you feel much better soon.
I'm just like you -soldiering on, no time to stop. Really sick is when I spend the quiet time while the kids are at school, snoozing on the couch in my pjs. Really really sick is when I also call for Stu to pick up takeaway because I can't even face him trying to cook us dinner ;)

Busy mum of 3 said...

:( That's awful, it's so crappy feeling crappy isn't it.
When I'm sick which thankfully is not often, there is minimal housework, and takeaway!
Look after yourself, your plans sound amazing.

purplepear said...

I did find it very difficult when my children were small and I was sick. Mark has also been very unwell this week so I sympathise with you . Hope all goes well with the filming.

Lynda D said...

Thankfully i dont get sick often but if i did, with two Aspie's in the house, its a case of soldiering on. I've put off several ops because it would mean down time for up to 4 weeks. How on earth could i manage that. Its better just to put up with clawed bunioned feet and plumbing issues.

Kim said...

YOu poor thing, it is so hard not being well when your kids are young. Your little mate has such a good nature to want and help all the time,but I can see that you need to help him. I remember years ago when i was that kind of 'can't get the head off the pillow ' kind of sick and my youngest decided this would be a prime opportunity to get mums car keys and start up the car- sick or not , I have never got out of bed so quick!
Hope you feel better soon ,hugs, Kim

Farm Fancies said...

Hope you feel better soon. When I was single parenting I'm afraid I resorted to video times (no DVD then) and "watched" them with my 2 kids. My "watching" was snuggling in the corner of the lounge napping while they were in their bean bags in front of me. Bean bags have a distinctive noise when you climb in/out of them. I had many sneaky nap times to thank Bananas in Pyjamas, Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine for!
Cheers, Robyn

Lynn said...

How dare you get sick Linda!!! Lol.
Perhaps your body was trying to tell you something. Sometimes it's hard to slow down but absolutely necessary at times. Buddy boy reminds me so much of our girl when she was young - always waiting to 'help'!
Hope you feel better real quick.

Christine said...

Oh no..hope you are on the mend now, Linda. I turn into an evil woman when we have commitments and I suddenly get sick..eek I can't imagine how it must've felt with a film crew due! What a relief that phone call must've been. I'm with Robyn on the sneaky tv nap time..sometimes you've just gotta do it. xx

Linda said...

Oh dear! So sorry! I was a real Sooky La La last week. I don't do illness well. I get sooky and frustrated! Do you know, it never occurred to me to nap on the couch! Will be doing that next time, might make Buddy Boy think twice about his antics if I am in the same room! Thanks everyone x x