Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Guest post on Eight Acres

Liz from Eight Acres has been featuring a series of post on keeping chooks.  Today it is my turn to answer the chooky questions so head over to Eight Acres for a look!

If I seem a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks or more, don't be surprised.  My camera won't download photos which makes it impossible to blog.  Posts aren't the same without photos. I have to travel to a large town to get it looked at so it needs to wait until I have time.   I also have a big project which will be taking priority until mid August.

I hope you're all staying warm and snuggly and I hope you leave me some comments on my Guest Chook Post!


Jude Wright said...

Great interview. I agree with everything you said.

Your Australorps look so healthy and shiny too.

I agree, its hard to keep the chooks out of the veges. In the end we netted our vege beds in entirely (roof too)because of the chook factor.

Lynn said...

We have the same problem of escaping chickens! Not much else we can do but to put a roof on the run. I'd love to see what goes on at an auction for chooks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
I really enjoyed your guest post. It was very insightful. I'd love to have crooks one day so I am glad you warned about the deaths as I know I would find that part hard. Did it take you a while to get used to using them for meat?

Tanya Murray said...

Loved the pics of your Australorps, they are our favourite backyard chickens

Barb. said...

Yeah, you need to keep them away from your vegies and sometimes even a 6 foot high fence and clipped wing doesn't work. But what would we do without them.


Linda said...

Hi Jude, yes we have friends who say, "if you want food from your garden you have to net the lot!" Their veggie garden is fully enclosed too.

Lynn that's the other option. Lock up the chooks! You would love a chook auction but they are very noisy and very busy.

Hi Sarah, I hope you do get chooks one day. And I'm still squeamish about eating chooks but I want to persevere.

Hi Tanya, yes they're gorgeous aren't they. They are definitely my favourite!

Hi Barb, I agree. Life would be empty without my chooks.