Thursday, 25 July 2013

Movement all around

My garden is growing. Every day I see movement. This week the asparagus surprised me with it's first spear, the broccoli is so good that I am almost worshiping my meals and the spinach, which has been sitting frozen in time as tiny little seedlings, has chosen to move.

The mornings are crisp and crunchy and the days are full of sunshine. Jonquils are delivering their promise and reminding me that the seasons are moving again!
I have little carrots doing their thing....
And onions slowly but steadily growing.
The plant whose name constantly escapes me is beginning to flower. I have a mental block when it comes to this plant. I always feel like it's name is on the tip of my tongue but it will NOT come to mind. I'm serious! I knew it's name fifteen minutes ago when I took the photo and now it's gone!
It feels completely natural and appropriate that life around me is shifting and moving because our family life is undergoing some HUGE changes. I have hope that our changes will flow as beautifully and gracefully as the changes occurring around us.
Today's lunch was potato and rocket soup accompanied by sun-dried tomato and spinach sourdough.  It was followed by chocolate cake with some very naughty icing!  My children are happy, our house is warm, my day was busy and productive.  All these things, while seemingly insignificant, are very important in the life I believe is meaningful.  I feel content in the face of major change.

I'll explain in more detail when I have adjusted and can find the time. Stay warm and cozy and enjoy watching your seasons shifting.


Lynn said...

Sorry, I don't know the name of the plant either. The bread looks delicious! I feel the same way about my daily chores and routines, it makes me feel very contented. O.k. So I am intrigued to find out what the change is going to be! Don't take too long to tell us.

GC said...

Hellebores or winter rose. Mine came up the other day, and I was so pleased to see my old friends.

The bread does look so yummy.

Linda said...

Hi Lynne, the bread was divine! I always forget to take photos when food is ready coz I'm too busy eating it!

GC, OF COURSE!! Hellebores! I love them but can never remember their name. I tell myself just to remember hell. But then the I was thinking - it begins with death or evil! Lol!