Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I AM that weirdo!

If you've been reading here for a while you may recall that I have been accused by both my older girls, at some point in time, of being strange.  Lou Lou said I was 'hardcore' when it came to environmental stuff.  Really?!  Rosie called me an 'extreme hippy'!

I've examined both these comments and decided that they mean I do things differently to mainstream Aussies.

I would agree with that!  And I'm proud of it.  It didn't happen accidently.  I've worked at it consistently so that I can reduce our personal impact on the planet.

But yesterday I embarrassed myself.

Recently I have been immersed in lectures about Climate Change so I've been thinking about solutions constantly.  Also, last week I attended an educational tour of our Resource Recovery Centre (tip/transfer station).  Fancy name.  I like the idea that we see our rubbish as resources in the wrong place.  However only three people attended.  We were all members of the local environment group.  We are already aware of issues relating to waste and have done a lot to address the issue. 
The people who could have benefitted from the tour and the education didn't attend.  How do we change people's habits when they don't see environmental issues as important?
Anyway, I digress.  I walked into the library and they had a fantastic display about recycling!   A bin with a see-through window showing all the things that can be recycled and a couple of large boards with heaps of great facts.  This display was shoved into a corner where it couldn't really be seen.
Peelings become chook food
I went to the counter and excitedly told them how good this display was and explained that people couldn't see into the see-through bin.  The lovely lady helped me re-organise it so that it was more prominent.  Then she proceeded to tell me about how much she recycled.  Uh Oh!!!  I stupidly thought that we were really having a conversation about rubbish.  Again excitedly, explaining how easy it would be to then reduce the amount she recycled.  I didn't take the conversation for what it really was.  Small talk with the strange lady getting enthusiastic about the display!
Unpackaged food
It was only then that I noticed the look on her face.  Arggh!  I've crossed a boundary of 'the social norm'.  I know that look.  It's the one I would give to someone if they came and told me that Martians were living at their house.  It's not 'normal' to be enthusiastic about reducing rubbish.  She had an expression of horror and you could see that she didn't know how to back out of the exchange.  How embarrassing!
More unpackaged food
When I told Hubby about my experience, he just laughed and laughed.  He knows how passionate I can be and found it very amusing.

We see that lady every week when we go to the library.  I am embarrassed that I sounded like a raving lunatic in her mind.

But what a shame.  This should be a conversation that is being had everywhere and often!


purplepear said...

Strange as she may have thought you were, it's these enthusiastic encounters from people living on the fringe(us) that influence these people further down the track I believe. You may have just started some shift in her. Keep up the embarrassing stuff. The world needs more people like you.

Dani said...

Change happens, one person at a time :)

Linda, talking of libraries, have you thought of giving a "talk" to a bunch of little ones during story hour? Thst way you'd be letting the kids (who are the future) take the concept home to their parents and siblings. Young'uns can have a huge influence :)

Btw, hippies rock! :)

Kim said...

I think Kate is right ...that lady may not know it but a change has happened in her subconscious already. I know the look so well , usually at the school gate when I have spruiked about the goodness of fresh goat milk or asked if we could please not have preservatives in the school canteen menu. And if it weren't for all of you guys out there in blog land ,I would think I was a complete misfit.Thanks for being a weirdo along with me.x

Farmer Liz said...

yeah, I'm a weirdo too, sometimes I choose to have those conversations just to shock people, sometimes I avoid them. Discussions about why we would raise and kill our own chickens when you can just buy them from the supermarket and why I would want to learn to knit when you can just buy clothes. Some people just don't get it, but I suppose the more they hear about it maybe they will eventually get it. Thanks for the laugh Linda :) thank goodness for blog land!

Anonymous said...

Well my dear, take comfort in knowing you are not the only weirdo out there. :-)

Busy mum of 3 said...

I know what you mean about the people who should be at the "tip talk" who weren't there, the same thing happened when I attended a "Love Food Hate Waste" course. I attended two different sessions in two different towns (because I'm a stalker) and the first course was full of people already knowledgeable, and doing the right thing, and the second course was full of people who just didn't get it. The course wasn't full, and it was free! And it was really, really good. Where is everyone???

PS I've had "that look" too

Krista said...

I bet you made her day! :-) She probably has regular, run-o-the-mill people every day and you show up and make her day interesting. :-)

Peascod said...

oh I love it, love it, love it!! You go girl. I can remember a time when just recycling was thought to be weird...and now you are weird if you don't recycle. You go girl! Oh and btw...what is that last picture of food with out packaging? It is pasta?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it, I get that look all the time when people see me dragging home some broken down piece I found at the curb for garbage. When asked why I am doing this, I get so excited that maybe that person really wanted to know I will go too far by explaining how the landfills are overflowing and running out of land to fill......yep I get that look. But it's a good thing, she may have had that look but it probably stuck in her head and later she realized she could be doing more. I know I have had people show me what they have done after seeing what I could do.

Robyn said...

Lol, my partner calls me a closet greenie and I correct him by saying I'm an environmentalist....I don't have qualms with cutting trees down or even burning scrub long as it's done for the right reasons and in the right way and nothing else has to die to do it. A friend offered me some bottled water for my drive home from Sydney a week ago and I refused as I explained how many chemicals they used to sterilise the bottles. Being a very understanding friend he explained he had some tank water in a keg near the house but it may be infused with some gum leaf flavours. Lol, he didn't bat an eyelid as he filled my water bottle for me and checked it had nothing odd floating in it! I need more friends like this :).
Cheers, Robyn

Energiser Bunny said...

Hi Linda. I hear you! When I first got chickens, my daughter said "Oh Mum - that's so ghetto" and my eyes light at in all the wrong places when talking about growing your own, worm farms, soldier fly larvae etc. Really is very ghetto...

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

It sounds like everyone who commented is just as weird as you, I know I am. The other day I did some grocery shopping in a very large shopping centre that I do not visit very often. I accidentally left all my shopping bags in the car which was at the far end of the shopping centre. So when I got to the checkout I told the lady I would just put it all back in the trolley and pack it when I got to the car. She looked at me like I said I was going to teleport it back to my place. I had to repeat the "no bags thanks" at least 3 times.

Linda said...

Kate, i hope you're tight.

Dani, ha ha! I think I've taken it far enough.

Kim, it's hard not to enjoy talking about what we love!

Liz, yes I've had the same comment about sock knitting.

Eebvoudigerleven,, thank you.

Busy mum, it's a shame, isn't it.

Krista, lol. She's probably still telling people about 'the nutter'.

Peascod, the change is so slow! Yes it's pasta.

Lois, I love it! Yes, you would get that look. I didn't think of you and your furniture etc. when I wrote this post! Good on you!

Robyn, I like that. I think I'm an 'environmentalist' too by that definition. Great that you stick to your guns, floaties and all!

E Bunny, I've not heard that term "ghetto" before. Is it a new teen saying? I'm between teen stages atm so lacking in teen ed. but I do suspect I may be very ghetto!

Fiona, I have done that many times. Or worse I pile up each of the kids with as many as they can manage! Then they can add the charge of child labour to the one of nutcase!