Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sharing my garden

Today I am taking part in the Garden Share Collective for the first time.  I'm joining in with Lizzie as we find out what's happening in our gardens right now.  If you're new to my blog, welcome!

My garden in Victoria, Australia is positioned in our yard.  It's positioned that way so that it's close to our house (for easy observing and harvesting) and is fenced in from the kangaroos, wallabies and rabbits.
Looking out my kitchen window

What I'm Planting Now....

It's the change of season.  Over the last week it has become very noticeable.  There's a change in the air, the light seems different and the garden's starting to move faster.  Spring has arrived.

It's around this time each year that I plant most of my seedlings at once.  I have planted seeds that will go in very shortly and others that will be moved into larger pots to be nurtured until the soil is warm enough to receive them.  I planted romanesco and purple broccoli, leek, tomatoes, capsicum and eggplant.I planted them according to the moon calendar a very good friend gave me last Christmas.  I couldn't believe it.  They came up about a week earlier than usual!  Maybe there's something in this moon planting caper.
 I have just planted two half wine barrels with strawberries for the coming summer, I've put in some lettuce seedling that mum gave me and sowed freckled lettuce seeds direct in another bed.  I also sowed carrots but I'm not holding my breath.  I've had an ongoing battle with carrots for years!

One bed of certified seed potatoes (Pontiac) are planted and I put some sunflowers around the edge.  Once I've dug the potatoes, I'll let the chooks in to enjoy the sunflowers and dig around in the soil.  I have a few little patches of peas scattered around the garden but I'm still putting more in.

What I'm Harvesting Now....

I couldn't be happier with my harvesting!  We are having a kind and gentle year and my garden is producing well.  I'm hoping my success is not just due to the weather though.  I've been struggling with growing our food for a few years now, and I'm hoping that I've finally reached a stage where my soil has improved and that I have attained a level of experience that will allow me to continue to have a productive garden from now on. 

We have been eating salad from the garden.  I have lots of mixed lettuce in the garden.  They are only small but there are enough that I can pick a leaf from here and a leaf from there and fill a small salad bowl.
We've been eating two or three spinach meals each week.  I'm particularly enjoying having spinach with our eggs for breakfast.  We also have Russian Red Kale and Cavelo Nero which are being used in soups.  We've harvested most of our broccoli and have cauliflower coming on.
This year I have grown a purple broccoli for the first time and I've loved it so much that I planted seeds to grow more of them.  I don't know how successful I'll be because the cabbage moths will arrive soon but I'm going to give it a shot anyway.  Isn't it pretty?
The asparagus is starting to shoot and I'm looking forward to lots of pasta meals with asparagus and cream.  I love this dish.
And please excuse me while I show off but I harvested these today!!!  I had some potatoes that I must have missed last year and they began to grow.  I planted broad beans around them early in winter in the hopes of protecting them from the frost.  I think it worked!  There are more in the bed but I'll be digging them up as I need them.

Jobs for the Month

The biggest job ahead of me is the mulching.  We need to buy some straw and mulch most of the garden beds before the weather warms up.  If I'm late doing this job we'll waste water and the plants won't get off to such a good start.

I saved some of last year's desiree potatoes and I'd like to put these in very soon because they're starting to look old and soft.  It's just a matter of finding the time really!
I picked stinging nettles last week and cooked a nice fish meal
I'll also be caring for the seedlings and potting them on if they need it.

I hope the next month in my garden is as kind as the last month.  My garden has provided me with endless pleasure and many, many meals.

I hope life in your garden has been good too.  What are you harvesting?


Sharon said...

Certainly looks fantastic

Amber said...

Ohh loving that purple broccoli and the asparagus spears! I must try and track down some asparagus crowns - where did you get yours from? :)

Busy mum of 3 said...

That all sounds great, and looks wonderful Linda, it's such a good feeling isn't it.

I planted 3 blueberry bushes and a fig tree a mere 3 weeks ago, I went down to water them the other day, and the blueberry bushes are bursting with new leaves and setting fruit already, and the fig tree which was bare when I bought it has 2 leaves on it, I was so excited :)

Crunchie's Mum said...

I have struggled with carrots as well but I think i may have discovered the trick. Last year I let a couple of carrots go to seed and shook the seed around the garden. This spring I have carrots everywhere - and I do mean everywhere. They are like a weed. I have to clear the carrots to plant my seedlings. I've been harvesting thinnings which were tender and yummy.

I've done the same with parsnips and spinach. The carrots are taking over but the parsnips are also making their presence known.


Jacqui Calvert said...

Your garden looks wonderful! Those potatoes look great. Nothing beats home grown spuds. I've never tried growing asparagus but I've seen a few gardens with them now. I always though they were too difficult for some reason. I think I will have to try.
Thanks for giving us a peek into your garden!

sharon said...

Those asparagus look good. In fact it all looks good.

Krista said...

So many beautiful things growing! I especially love the purple broccoli. I've been trying for two years to grow some, but either goats, cutworms, or cabbage moths swiftly put an end to that. :-( My asparagus is going great guns though! So I'm thrilled about that. I'd love to try your recipe with cream. :-)

Linda said...

Thanks Sharon!

Amber I don't remember where I got my first crowns but I wanted more than I had. We never had enough for a meal. Last year a friend gave me some plants she grew from seed. Do you know anyone that could give you seed. Still, it will be at least three years before it's mature enough.

Busy mum, isn't it a great time of year? Incredible how everything knows to start growing again! Fancy having blueberries! I do 't have them but I DO have a friend with a blueberry farm! ;-)

Wow! Lynda! Weeding carrots to plant other things! Thanks for the tip, now how to grow one so I can gather the seed?! And parsnips. Yummm! I recently made parsnip and stinging nettle soup. You must try it. It's gooood!

Jacqui asparagus are so easy care that it's not funny! Once you've read how to plant them (over a mound) and work out you're not allowed to eat them for the first three years, the rest is easy. Heaps of manure towards the end of winter, keep well watered and that's it! They last for twenty years or so. Well worth planting!

Sharon they are yummy!

Krista I must get around to posting that recipe. It's quick and easy and very nice.

Lizzie @ Strayed from the Table said...

What a great garden, I am very jealous of your asparagus. I am will hopefully get some in the ground in the coming year. I just need to find the perfect spot as I am in QLD. Let me know what you think of your purple broccoli, I am still yet to try planting them. Your potatoes are twice the size of mine, they look really good - envious again. :-)

Kyrstie Barcak said...

What a lovely harvest you have been having. I have had no luck with Spinach over the cooler months so am really hoping they take off with the warmer weather. Your potatoes look fab! Have a great month, I look forward to reading your progress next month.

Melissa L said...

Awww... I know wallabies and rabbits might be a disaster for any garden, but they are so cute! Nothing beats a fresh salad straight from one's garden. Your broccoli looks amazing at the moment - fingers crossed the cabbage moths stay away.

Lisa the Gourmet Wog said...

I from a fellow garden sharer!! Your purple broccoli is amazing, what a gorgeous vibrant colour.

livingsimplyfree said...

I can't wait until I can start my beds again, right now we are at the end of our growing season so all there is to do is harvest and put up the food.

Linda said...

Hi Lizzie, Can asparagus grow in Qld? As for the spuds, it's the first time we've had them this early in the year. I love fresh potatoes!

Hi Kyrstie, Thanks. I'm really enjoying my harvests. Good luck with your spinach. Everything's taking off now so hopefully it will grow quickly.

Hi Melissa, I have plans around the cabbage moths this year. I love my brassicas so I'm going to try and net them.

Hi Lisa, The broccoli is fun. Loved looking at your garden.

Hello Lois, It must be tough for you. At least we can still garden over winter, we just can't grow a huge variety.

Lynn said...

Your garden is doing so well Linda!