Sunday, 27 October 2013

On gardens, poultry and life

Whew!  I have finally completed a nine week MOOC course on climate change.  It was fantastic (run by Melbourne Uni) but it felt pretty intense!  It probably wasn't but I had to fit my normal life in around it.

Heaps learnt, heaps consolidated.  I'm still as determined as ever that the only way to fix this mess (and it really is a mess) is to change individual lifestyles.  We need to stop producing polluting gases and we need to do it now!!

We've also traipsed down to Melbourne to the VCAT hearing regarding a wind farm near us.  We really want to see it go ahead...
If I do say so myself, my kids were amazing!  The hearing went from ten through till four thirty (with breaks) and they didn't shame me once. 

On the home front I've been getting help in the kitchen...
In the garden I've been trying to keep planting on a regular basis.  Trouble is, I'm running out of room!  Oh, and we're still getting occasional frosts which is really frustrating because it's time to get my summer veggies in the ground.  Hubby's expanding my garden for me today.  Thanks Hubby!
In the orchard we've been having a terrible time.  A couple of weeks ago one of my chooks died suddenly one evening.  She was quickly followed by two more overnight and one the following day.  We called the vet to investigate and we quarantined ourselves at her recommendation.  I thought we were going to lose all of them but the others recovered, thankfully.  We were very disappointed to lose the rooster.  We were going to start breeding soon.
That wasn't the end of our poultry disaster.  The dogs (who never touch our chooks) killed one of our new ducks and then one of the recovered chooks got her leg caught between two poles and broke it.  We also have a gosling that can't walk properly.  We're caring for him inside overnight and trying to leave him outside on warmer days.
Now we have a chook, gosling and duck in our 'intensive care' dome in the yard!  Mind you, when I let them out for some exercise, they seem well enough to find the veggie garden!!
 So now I can put the course and chook illness behind me.  I'm going to take a deep breath and then I suppose I'd better start thinking about Christmas.
What's keeping you busy?


Gavin Webber said...

Linda, was that course the free one offered by Macquarie via Open2? It looks very interesting.

Sorry about your chooks. It is never easy when the little girls and boys pass away.

We have been making beer for the summer. Looking forward to when it matures and cracking open a cold one or two.

Gav x

Busy mum of 3 said...

How amazing are your kids! I'm sure they have their moments, but wow, I'm impressed.

We are busy making a garden bed where a sand filled retaining wall is, I had to remove all the sand, and fill it with soil, then I divided up my madonna lilies and planted it up, I hope they survive.

With November here I am bound and determined to get a lot of Christmas preparation done, so I can enjoy the Christmas/Summer season more, so I intend to be very busy this month!

Kirsten McCulloch said...

Wow, that sounds like an intense time! Right now the idea of taking on study is completely beyond me!

Sorry about your chooks and duck. We just lost one of our chooks too, but from a cut on her foot that got infected I think. Seemed to be getting better with home treatment and then she just suddenly went downhill fast.

But Christmas! Yep, just around the corner!

sue said...

So sorry to hear about all of your chook and duck must have been a worry with so many sick at the same would be great if you could pass on any tips from the conference...always looking for new ideas no matter how small, to make a difference.

Linda said...

Hi Gavin, I don't know if it was offered through the Macquarie site as well but I did it through Coursera. I was amazed at how professionally it was presented.

Funny you mentioned beer because we are about to try making our second batch. Having trouble getting supplies locally though, which is holding us up. Bottoms up!

Busymum, I was blown away by their achievement! Never did I expect it to work but figured I'd try anyway.

Good luck with getting organised for Chrissy!

Kirsten, Intense is a good word to describe it! Sounds like you've had the chook curse too!

Thanks Sue. Yes I will post soonish about the course though it was really more around facts and figures and pointing out that change needs to happen NOW than tips. Did you read my recent post on addressing climate change?

Krista said...

Ohh, it is SO hard to lose animals, isn't it? We lost several baby goats this season and that was sad and hard. Wishing you healthy and happy chooks and a good new rooster. :-)