Saturday, 2 November 2013

From my hidey hole

Here I sit... in my little hidey hole under the tree.  I had many plans for the day but it's hot.  It's 'can't be bothered' hot!  It's 'I want to have a snooze' hot.  It's 'wish the kids would go and play elsewhere' hot!

Or is it?
Maybe I'm just unused to it.  It's not even quite 30 degrees yet.  So maybe I need to acclimatise.  We've had such unseasonably cool weather until now so I'm not used to warm yet.  Or did I just sit once the temperature reached 30c last year?  Can't remember.  We don't do air conditioning here very often.  We save it for the worst two or three nights of the year.  I figure it makes sense to just change our activities to suit the weather rather than add to the carbon problem.

That said, if I do come to a complete standstill at 30c, it's going to be a long and fairly unproductive summer!

Well, I don't really mind being brought to a standstill to write a post today.  I'd like to tell you about my week.  It has been wonderful!  It began with Buddy Boy and me sharing a birthday.  I felt quite clever this year because I came up with a kid activity that I could enjoy as well.  A local Oktoberfest event had activities for kids and they organised it so well that I was able to relax and enjoy adult company (and a cider) while the kids had a ball!!!

Buddy Boy and Pumpkin were able to enjoy being with their little friends.  Some of my friends turned up and I had most of my family.  I even managed to get a photo with all the younger folk that came.  I love this photo soooo much!
The second highlight to my week was a visit from Kate and Mark from Purple Pear farm.  I was honoured that they took the trouble to catch public transport to come and meet us and so glad they did.
When you blog regularly with someone, you feel that you really know them.  I couldn't wait to meet Kate and knew I would enjoy her company but she was even nicer than I expected.  I didn't know so much about Mark but he is lovely too.  They are both so knowledgeable  and I learnt a new skill.  Mark showed me how to 'choke' an onion.  Apparently, if allowed to flower, the bulb doesn't develop as well due to the energy being used to create the flower.  So by breaking the flower spike the bulb develops better! 
Aren't gardening terms cute!  I love tickling my pumpkins and now I get to choke my pumpkins at the other end of the scale.  Perhaps they are different jobs for different moods?!
I could have chatted to them for ages!  I reckon Mark would have some fascinating insights into the mindset around sustainability/climate change/permaculture.  And Kate, it was so lovely to hear her talking about her tomatoes seeing her through till the next season when I so clearly remember the post when they were processing their tomato harvest.  Now I'm just itching to throw the kids in the car and drive up to Purple Pear Farm.  One day......


Meg said...

Happy Birthday!
It's been 36 degrees here today. I spent the day with the kids at a BMX/Skate/Scooter event at Newcastle Harbour where there was a lovely sea breeze but we were in the sun all day, and came home to the heat and all my veges wilting. I dutifully set about watering them before I flaked out inside. Definitely a need for getting used to the heat around here!

Linda said...

Wow Meg! Fancy having 36 at this time of year! The heat is sooo tiring and yes, hard on the garden.

purplepear said...

I am so glad we had a little reprieve from the heat down in Melbourne. It was like winter while we down there. But as soon as we were back it was straight back into the 30's. Today is a little cooler but yesterday was in the late 30's. I was so happy that we were able to catch up with you while were down there. It meant a lot to me to be able to meet one of my favourite blogger buddies. Thanks for your hospitality. Mark and I loved seeing where you live, your lovely garden and your beautiful children. I can now imagine where you are when you talk about your place on your blog.

purplepear said...

Oh and PS I look forward to the day you pile your kids into the car and head our way.