Thursday, 12 December 2013

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

My children are getting excited.  They are seeing decorations around the place and yesterday saw a workman wearing a Santa hat.  I can see their anticipation building.  For me though, I just see these signs of Christmas as a reminder to hurry, hurry, hurry and get organised!  This time off year can be so stressful. 

Last night we went on our annual excursion to collect a road side Christmas tree.  We headed off to a spot where we know there are plenty of rogue pine trees growing like weeds.  It's always exciting to set out with our saw and choose the perfect tree. 
We have strategies these days.  We drive past several trees and take note of the ones that we think look good.  Then we drive back to our chosen tree.  We developed this method after finding we would get so excited when we laid eyes on the first tree that we would choose it, cut it, pop it in the ute and then spot another, better tree.  And another, and another!!
Strategy two is that we now get out and stand beside the prospective trees.  We used to choose the tree, get it home and discover that it had grown to three times its original size when we put it in the house!  I don't know why the size is so deceptive when they are in the ground but trust me, it is!!

And the last thing we do is to cut two different choices.  That way we don't have to go back hunting if we made the wrong choice.  Sometimes the second tree gets used as well and sometimes not.  Last year our second choice was tiny so we put it in the kids bedroom.  They loved having their own 'real' Christmas tree.  Maybe this year's spare could go out in the yard and be decorated outside.
But the best bit of all is the smell of the pine!  So evocative!   As soon as Hubby hopped back in the car, with the scent of the tree on his hands, I was excited.  Feelings of Christmas flooded back bringing with them the anticipation of a very special day.  A day filled with fun and family, food and love.  The excitement on the faces of the children as they start their day and again when family start arriving. 
I'm no more organised, no less busy than I was before but now I'm really looking forward to Christmas!


city garden country garden said...

We're going away for Christmas this year so I didn't bother getting a tree. Your post has just made me wish that I had, I could almost smell the pine needles through your blog!
Have a lovely Christmas :)

Linda said...

I wonder if pine essential oil in a burner would do the trick? Have fun on your trip. Merry Christmas!