Monday, 16 December 2013

My kind of normal

I had a quiet and fairly normal weekend.  It was quite uneventful except for the fact that it was uneventful.  That actually made it an event because I haven't had a quiet weekend for months on end!
It made me realise how nice my life has become.  I just did the ordinary mundane stuff that is our life.  The weekend began with a catch-up with friends from the school we used to go to.  It was lovely to see them again.  Then on Saturday we went to our swap/community market in the morning.  Here we caught up with many friends and met some new people. We had a gentle afternoon which involved some easy, slow gardening.
Sunday morning was a delivery of organic chook feed (blogger is playing up today.  I can't highlight or link.  The feed is from Hollyburton farm) which is grown in Victoria.  A group of us ordered together to make the delivery a shared cost.  The feed looks good.  Do you know what I like about it the best?  It smells good!  And also says on the label no restricted animal materials.   I said to Hubby, " We could eat this, you know!"  Got to love giving your animals food that is healthy.  Fancy I've been feeding them stuff that isn't fit for human consumption!
The lady who delivered was the owner of the farm.  While chatting, she asked my daughter which school she went to.  I could feel my Belle brace herself to answer the dreaded question.  (This question is asked SO often and the reply brings many negative face-pulling responses!)  However, not this time!  Belle was delighted to discover our chook feed lady was also homeschooling her son and has completed homeschooling her older children.  It turned out to be a lovely visit (I could have chatted all day) and I hope to go and see them one day soon.
 Then it was off to pick up a friend of Belle's for a play date and a new rooster to replace the one that died during our terrible chook illness.  The Rooster was gifted to me by a friend of a friend.  Yes gifted!  No money changed hands and she knows where she can come if ever she needs a new chook.  So another new friend made (again I could have chatted all day) and it was off home.
 He has settled in well though he looked rather dubious about it all!
 The girls busied themselves baking a cake and chose to decorate it.  I'm glad I have this photo because the cake didn't last long.
 They had a lovely day.  It was a bit special for Belle because this is a fairly new friendship and her first where the child comes from a veggie garden growing, energy reducing, compost toilet using household.  She felt a sense of belonging in that way that you do when you meet someone who does things like you.  She felt normal being with someone who embraces our kind of normal!
While they baked, I collected grass that we have whipper snipped and used it to mulch some garden beds.  I tied up some branches of the apple tree.  It is so laden with apples this year that the branches were trailing on the ground.  We watered fruit trees deeply in preparation for the hot week ahead, dusted the chooks and planted some seeds.  I didn't really do anything strenuous, just nice little jobs that needed to be done.

It was nice to have the time to realise that my life is gentle and feels meaningful.   Our kind of 'normal' feels good.
Do you live a different kind of normal?


Gavin Webber said...

Love your kind of normal Linda!

Very similar to our 'normal'. Talking to chooks, working in the veggie patch, making cheese, homeschooling our son, picking fruit from the orchard, cooking our own food, etc...

Our Ben also used to cringe when people asked which school he went to. Now he just says that he goes to the 'Mum & Dad school' in a confident voice. Proud of the lad.

I just wish there were more 'normal' like us.

Gav x

Busy mum of 3 said...

Sounds lovely :)
My kind of normal for this particular time of year is flitting from one school event or Christmas party to another, but I'm not complaining about it, it won't last long, and really it is enjoyable.
I will find my routine after the New Year.

Caro said...

Thanks Linda! E will be so pleased to see a photo of herself there with Belle. She had a wonderful time and we look forward to doing it again soon.

Farmer Liz said...

Its hard enough finding normal adult friends, must be hard for kids too, that's what i love about blogging, I've met so many normal people doing the kind of things we do :-)

Kim said...

I think maybe my kind of normal is your kind of normal, Linda. Have a lovely Christmas. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year.

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Linda said...

Sorry! So behind on comments. Life's been busy with a new grandchild arriving! :-)

Thanks Gavin, well done with Ben's confidence! It's been a big change for him and it sounds like he has embraced it.

Busy mum, you sound very together for a mum in December. It does get a little crazy, doesn't it?!

Caro, it,s lovely watching the girls together. The really enjoy each other's company.

Hi Liz, yes blogging was a lifesaver for me a couple of years back when I hadn't formed any real life connections. We need to connect with people who understand the trials and tribulations.

Hi Kim, yes you and I are the same 'normal'. Have a great Christmas with your family. Wow! It's tomorrow!!