Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Many little things have been special this week. My sweet granddaughter created gift tags for all the presents given by their family.  They were made from wooden shapes or bread dough and can be used as Christmas ornaments.  I was very taken by them.  I raved on and on mentioned on the day how wonderful they were.  It wasn't until I was packing up the Christmas tree that I realised I couldn't wait a whole year to see my ornament again.

So I cut a length of string and.... voila!  I plan to source a leather strap and to varnish the ornament so that I can wear it often.  It feels very special!
At this time of year I often find myself drinking a cold and bubbly beverage.  This year has been no different but my celebratory drink has been enhanced by popping in my own organic strawberries.  Just adds that special 'something'!
And yesterday, we thought it was pretty special when we found this guy having a drink from the animals water bowl!  He/she's living in our shed at the moment.  We often watch it waking in the door.  I haven't investigated but I wonder if there might be a little family in there.  Wouldn't that be lovely!
I've been feeling a bit down lately and it's lovely to have so many little bits of 'special' around me.  I know they're there every day.  Usually they jump out at me but other times I need to remind myself to notice the special things and realise I am blessed.
 And just WHO took this photo of me looking just a little bit special on Christmas Day?!!


purplepear said...

Certainly a very special time. Love the little gift tag pendant. Such a creative family you have.

Suzie Simplelife said...

Looks like you had a fantastic christmas day....I love the photos of your children opening their gifts....beautiful, homemade really is special and so thoughful. Happy New Year,.

Linda said...

Thanks Kate and Suzie, we had a great Christmas. I hope yours was wonderful too!

Kim said...

That pendant is so clever. Hope you have some lovely family time these holidays.