Friday, 31 January 2014

Permaculture post with Liz

Today I'm doing a guest post for Liz at Eight Acres.  Liz is hosting a series about permaculture.  Pop over and have a read.  My post is looking at waste. 

Any comments can be left here.  Have a lovely day!!


Chris said...

I enjoyed reading your take on reducing waste as a permaculture principle. I liked seeing the cobbled together pieces to form functional items too.

Pallets are the best, aren't they. And free, so long as you find the businesses who don't want to pay to have their rubbish bins emptied of pallets. We've found mower shops to be good suppliers of free wooden crates. So long as they're a privately owned local business, as I don't think the bigger companies (Bunnings and Mitre 10) want people having wooden pallets and crates for free, when they can buy their wood by the metre instead.

Anyway, good post over at Farmer Liz's. Waste is such a good topic to discuss in this day and age.

Linda said...

Hi Chris, nice to hear from you! Thanks for the tip on crates from mower shops. I'll pop into ours and try. The last lot of pallets I got were near the railway when they were working on it. They told me I could have some so I came back with the trailer and couldn't believe it when the workers even loaded them for me!!!

Levi said...

Nice! Keep spreading the permaculture word!
If you want to check out our detailed 10acre permaculture farm design plan, We’ve just made it available here.
We’re also hoping to get some support for the cause, and any FEEDBACK! you might offer.

Linda said...

Hi Levi, very interesting farm! You've put a lot of work in there. Good luck with it.