Friday, 7 February 2014


2014 is off and running!  The holidays are over and we're getting serious.

The study timetable is working effectively - check
The daily routine is working effectively - check
Good food is being cooked - check
The animals are fed and happy - check
The family is having fun - check
The fencing is being worked on (till the last light) - check
The 'me' list is being met (blogging, craft, sitting on my behind) - ummmm.....

I have spent weeks planning how this year will work.  I want to have a good year.  I want to be satisfied that we are living a good life, are happy and are living by our principles.

I'm delighted with how the year is going.  The kids and I feel like our days are really effective.  However, I just need to work out one more schedule that helps me to fit in my jobs.  It's very hard to do it all!  I have a dream of one day having a routine around blogging, gardening, housework.  For now I'll try to be happy with our achievements.  Oh.  And I do need to work out how the new goat milking will fit into our routines...


Evi said...

hey well done Linda!! I've still got a few more to iron out (one being the schooling because we are still in holiday mode) but most of the schedules are in place. It's a good feeling already and I am hoping I can keep all the balls in the air as the year progresses!
Good luck to you too!!

linda M said...

Linda, we met over at Gully Grove. I see you have a photo of beeswax which indicates that you are a beekeeper? I will explore your blog further. It looks great at first glance.

Linda said...

We had a brilliant first week Evi but you never do know what's around the corner! Second week in and the kids are at mum's coz there are too many fires near us.

Linda, you must be a beekeeper too then? It's pretty amazing isn't it!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Sounds like you have it all under as much control as it needs to be.