Friday, 21 March 2014

Happy International Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Photo: It's World Down Syndrome Day! Have a great day!

I'll leave you with a photo - he's not grumpy, that's his manly-footy-player face!!

This is my son Buddy Boy this morning.  He wanted me to take an action shot of him playing football but every time I snapped, he was no longer in the screen!  Too quick for me!!  Eventually I convinced him to stand still for a photo.  This is a picture of him wearing an oh-so-manly footy-player-face!!

Today is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  I haven't blogged about it (and didn't plan to) but I just read a post by a lady who writes regularly about Down syndrome.

I follow her blog and I'm always blown away by her amazing way of putting thoughts and emotions into words.

Please take the time to read her thoughts on having a child with Down syndrome.  She describes the thoughts, feelings and experience that we went through as a family although we have never met.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Happy World Down Syndrome Day to you too. Gee that Buddy Boy sure is growing up fast. That is a very tough face he is pulling. It is a lovely post Of Leticias you refereed to.

Linda said...

He sure is Fiona! Every now and then I get a shock when I look at him. I still think of him as my bubba, then I realise he's a capable boy who's changing every day. I can't get cuddles from him anymore either! Boys are so different to girls.

tylasnan said...

Oh Linda, that fierce look!! Buddy Boy would be horrified to know that it makes me want to give him a big squishy hug.:)
Cheers, Karen near Gympie

Linda said...

Karen, I laughed at your comment coz that's exactly the urge I get! I drive him mad when I try and cuddle him when he's being 'manly'.