Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Slow living in June (Monthly nine)

Brrrrr!  I hope you've found your beanies, scarves and thermal underwear.  It has been sooo chilly this past week!  I'm snuggled in front of the fire as I look back fondly on June before I rush headlong into July.  The winter solstice has passed so I'm savouring the cold weather while I can.  Before we know it, summer will be back.

I'm joining Christine at Slow Living Essentials as she hosts our bloggy records of our achievements in June.  Click on the button below to see what others have been doing.
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Nourish - We ate cheese, cheese and more cheese as I experimented with flavourings for my newly learnt skill.   We celebrated two important birthdays in the last week of June.  Hubby turned fifty and Rosie turned twenty-one!  The focus of everything in my month was organising a celebration while still continuing with teaching my children and caring for the animals.  Our June nourishment revolved around preparing party food for others while I cooked enough to entertain large numbers.  My poor family didn't get much TLC in June.  Hubby and the kids had to get used to smelling the aromas of dishes wafting from the kitchen while being told not to touch!  I fed them on the quickest, most basic food I could throw together.  Oh, and cheese!

And how could I forget!  I had to perfect a mulled wine to serve our guests.  The temperature was only eleven degrees on the big day so the warm wine was a hit.  I ran a practice batch at home and loved the results.  The house smelled beautiful and it was deliciously warming!
Prepare - A generous family with an olive glut meant I finally had the opportunity to try my hand at olives.  Daily rinsing is still taking place.  The pot smells so good and olive-y as I tip off the rinse water each day!
Reduce -  With Plastic Free July firmly in my mind, I was very conscious of not producing too much plastic waste.  Plastic Free July starts today and I'm really looking forward to the challenge this year.  I encourage all of you to take part.  It is just a personal challenge but really gets you thinking.  By preparing party food in advance and by choosing a menu around ingredients that I already had on hand, I was able to feed many people without creating too much rubbish.  I did buy several packs of those disposable takeaway type of containers, a packet of paper straws, a packet of paper napkins (plastic wrapped of course) and three packets of pastry which created plastic waste.  I'm sure there was more rubbish that I've forgotten to mention but all in all I was very happy with our efforts.
I enlisted the children to help label home made drinks
Green - I made some soap with our goats milk.  It looks lovely and I'm looking forward to trying a few more recipes. 
I made labels for party glasses from old wine corks.  They looked quite effective on the kid's drinks.
terrible photo but just to give you the idea
Grow -  The garden did it's own thing this month.  I didn't really give it a look in.  It still served me well by providing rhubarb for my fizzy rhubarb drink and I managed to weed my way to some chives that I used for one of my cheeses.  I thought I'd lost them forever in the jungle but some persistent pulling out of grasses revealed a lovely healthy patch of yummy chives!
Create -  Sorry, not much to report here.  Just many ongoing projects.

Enhance -  I was on the receiving end of this category as many friends pitched in to make our celebration a success.  Friends and family cooked dishes, set up a kids play area, helped on the night and one even brewed some beer!  Thank you everyone!
Discover - The children have been learning about Australian history and I have become very interested myself along the way.  I've been borrowing books from the library about family life in the early 1900's.  I've also been delving more deeply into Pat Coleby's Natural Goat Care because one of the goats has developed foot rot.  I thought I had been doing such a good job of caring for them but it's a huge learning curve!  I've also begun a new Coursera course about... (you guessed it) changing the world.  I do enjoy a small challenge!! Lol

Enjoy - I've enjoyed family, friendship, rain and bitter weather which served to emphasise the cosiness and comfort of our home! 
I hope your June was lovely too!


Lynda D said...

That was a month of awesomeness! So much going on and somehow i don't think your family suffered or were underfed. Cheese (Sigh) can there be enough in the world? Never!.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Lots happening in your neck of the woods in June. We have been pretty quiet here compared to your busyness.

Love your soap and cheese. I am waiting patiently for the day I can make some soap from goats milk. My daughter owns the goats, just waiting for some babies to arrive :)

Linda said...

No Lynda, never enough cheese! And it's so much fun deciding on new flavourings and trying new types of cheese.

Hi Tania, You will love using goats milk. You'll have to try cheese as well. It's actually not hard yet it's sooo yummy! We haven't had goats at birthing time yet. It will be an exciting time for you and your daughter!

Chris said...

Happy birthday to all. I bet every bit of preparation was worth it. Just spending time with loved ones, is special enough. Serving good food to them though, that is the personal joy of being a mum, wife and homemaker.

Kathy said...

Your soap looks great. I'm going to make my second batch once the kids go back to school. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

Linda said...

It's lovely having your own soap, isn't it Kathy. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!