Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hubby and I were out in the shed last weekend and I noticed a basket I had decorated years ago.  Back then I was a single mother but I only had a small garden and my dad used to mow my lawn for me.  I wasn't very involved in the local community either and I had lots more time for craft.

I regularly made the girl's clothes that were better quality than I could afford to buy.  I made reversible jackets and little wool coats as well as summer dresses.  More often than not, I completed outfits with matching hats.  These clothes are still in use nearly twenty years later.
Finding the basket brought memories of my crafting flooding back.  Now it feels like looking back on someone else's life.  I can't imagine having so much leisure time or using it in such a frivoulous way!  Hopefully I will pursue craft again one day because it was such a nice way to spend time and I felt good about achieving results.

I made raffia hats, did cross stitch samplers, crocheted a couple of blankets, started rag rugs etc.  I never chose to stick to one craft and perfect it; rather I preferred to try my hand at everything.   During this time I learned to make soap and herbal remedies as well.
I was making the basket for a good friend's fortieth birthday but I didn't get it finished before the big day.  She was the only older friend I had at that point and I chose the ambitious project because a fortieth birthday seemed such a huge occasion in my mind.  I was in my twenties and it seemed to me that at forty she was nearing the 'one foot in the grave' category!

I need to clean the basket up and make some minor repairs.  It was in a disgusting state in the shed.  Some Welcome Swallows have pooped on it and I think mice were in there at some point.  I found an unfinished knitting project that had been chewed.  I also found an unfinished rag rug, complete with strips cut and ready to go, that I love as much now as when I began it.  I've popped them in the washing machine so I can try and finish it off one day. 
There was also a pattern for a cross stitch, along with the materials, from a 1992 craft magazine.  I nearly fell over when I realised that it is a picture of the type of house we currently live in.  I must have always wanted to live in a house just like ours!

 Again, I can't wait to get time to work on this project.  Maybe  one day, one of my children would treasure a cross stitch of the house they grew up in.

There was a rag rug in the basket too.  I really like the colours and would love to complete it to use on my lounge room floor.  I still do a few simple craft activities but they are always practical.  I tend to make things we need like a drawstring bag to keep my camera in or knitted dishcloths.   I like to have some larger knitting project on the go too so that I can knit in the car when Hubby is the driver.  Currently I'm knitting a jumper for Buddy Boy.
There are just too many wonderful things to do in life and not enough time to pursue them all.  Yet now I have another dream.  Someday, when I'm not milking goats (or wasting time on face book :-))I'll be sitting in front of the fire like a lady of leisure, peacefully, gently, calmly embroidering memories.


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I do not think that any of that time was wasted as you no doubt gained experience and it led you down the start of the path that you are on now. I have unfinished craft projects lurking around too. This is a timely reminder to get some finished.

Dani said...

I firmly believe that craft work keeps us women sane :)

How wonderful that those "forgotten" items are still usable. Bet you're gong to have great fun "reconditioning" them :)

Farmer Liz said...

Wish I had more time for craft! I try to at least find time to make functiona items.

Linda said...

You're right Fiona. It was the start of my, "I can do it myself"!

Could be a while yet Dani!

Yes Liz, that's where I'm at too.