Friday, 12 September 2014

A quick note

Dear friends,

I feel like writing you a letter today.  Life's become busy here again but it's all good stuff keeping me on my toes.

I'm helping to organise an event for next weekend. Have you noticed that heaps of different organisations are holding events and rallies on or around the 21st September?  The timing is because The UN are holding an emergency summit on climate change.  Getup, Avaaz and many others are holding events.  People across the world are getting out there and telling our leaders that we want action taken.  Why not google and find an event near you?  If enough of us keep telling them, they can't keep ignoring us!

Our environment group have decided we'd like to make people stop and think about their personal actions so we are going to take some sewing machines to one go our local supermarkets. Hopefully we will be hooked up to solar power and we will sew bags to give to shoppers. Many bags will be pre made but sewing on the spot should catch people's attention. :-). Should be a fun morning!
The garden is happy. We've had more rain which keeps the plants growing quickly and looking lush.  My young silver beet plants aren't quite ready yet so we're eating lots of kale.  Last night we made burritos with some lovely minced chicken and of course I threw in some kale. We buy our chicken monthly. A lady nearby has a business that sources true free range chooks and we receive our delivery once a month.
Our bantam is sitting on some Orpington eggs at the moment. Unfortunately she began sitting too early and only has five eggs under her. I would have liked to hatch more. Yesterday we discovered that one of our orchard chooks is gathering a clutch in our store of hay so I might replace her eggs with more Orpington eggs. She'll do a good job of raising them for me.

We discovered that the ducks, that we thought were slow to lay this spring, are actually laying under a bush!  We don't have a drake, so no ducklings, but know that we know their hiding spot, we'll be able to collect the eggs daily and use them.
The children are doing well and seem very happy. I'm very satisfied with how their natural learning is going. Their interest levels in reading and writing have increased out of sight since I have stopped forcing them to sit and do it. The little ones are forever asking about new words or asking Belle how to spell things. A good example is yesterday's.  Buddy wanted to write a 'keep out' type of message for his door so Belle told him which letters to use to spell out his message.  She then came to me, "Mum, do you know Buddy knows all his letters?!! I only had to help him with the e and the s."  (Lol! Of course I know!). This boosts Buddy's self esteem better than anything. I bet he writes heaps of notes now that he knows his sisters are so proud of him.  And I had to laugh when I quizzed him on the conditions of the notice and apparently I'm allowed in their room to help them tidy and to kiss them goodnight!  Cute. And just now, to illustrate my point, Pumpkin is sitting trying to read my RACV insurance booklet!

It says, "No one comes.  Just us."
Belle is very enthusiastic about our goats and takes pride in being the main milker. She knows how to make up their feeds, prepare for milking, the importance of hygiene, how to milk and measure and record their milk.  She spends a lot of time reading her goat book Get Your Goat by Brent Zimmerman and often quotes me stuff from it that I didn't know.  We are soon going to start recording our costs around the goat's care so that we know the actual costs of our milk right down to including vet bills etc.  I'm going to put her in charge of keeping the records so that she learns about basic bookkeeping.  I know she'll be keen because we are thinking about buying another doe as well as kidding Argoo.  She's very excited at the prospect at increasing what she refers to as 'her herd'.

So as you see, there's lots happening at our place and we are all very well and happy.  I hope life is good for you.  How are your family and what's happening in your neck of the woods?

Lots of love,



Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Love the bag sewing in public idea!

Kim said...

Positive proactive things really do make the biggest difference - love the sewing bags idea!
Love hearing about your goat milking and buddy boy's sign writing. you will have to get him to make signs for everything now. Love it when they are learning and dont' realise.x

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

What a great idea about sewing the bags. I would suggest that if it is a coles you find out if the have a soft plastic recycling bin and maybe you could have it set up near you to show people all the different things they can recycle. More at this link
The kids seem to be really thriving with their learning methods and good on Belle for looking after her herd. Now that buddy is making signs perhaps he could make a few others for around the house and farm just for practice like Milking Area or Vegetable Garden. Good luck with your sewing let s know how it goes.

Tracey said...

Love the bag sewing idea! That's awesome. I love using opshopped pillow cases for bags - so cheap an easy!
Kids sound like they're thriving - so glad we followed you into this homeschooling journey, isn't it great??!
Take card and have fun with the bag sewing, can't wait to see pics :)

Cheryl said...

Love the bag sewing idea too!
Our family is doing well, I'm trying to adjust to a permanent two day a week job, I'm getting there, they are different days each week which makes it difficult, but I'm trying to stay organised (and failing miserably)

My son doesn't like his teacher, and he has had a bad year emotionally because of it. Scholastically he's top of his class, but it's a downer not to have a joy for something he has to do every day. I think about homeschooling sometimes, but as this year is almost over I don't see myself doing it this year, and hopefully next year he will have a new teacher, maybe I will homeschool him if he does get the same teacher again! I admire your commitment to educating your kids, it's so rounded, and I just know they will be amazing adults as a result.

Linda said...

Thanks Gill, I've taken a while to respond to comments because I was so busy at the machine!

Same here Kim! I'm loving natural learning. It really sinks in because they WANT to do it!

Fiona our Coles does have one of those bins. And I didn't even know! Could kick myself though because your suggestion was great but I forgot to ask on the day. I would have loved to raise awareness.

Tracey, it's so nice to interact with other people who are homeschooling. We're still few and far between! I'm glad you guys are enjoying it and I love reading your posts.

Hi Cheryl, it must be hard to get into a rhythm when you work different days. That's tough about your son. The teacher they end up with makes all the difference. It's so hard to watch kids struggling with enjoying school. Let's hope next year is a big turnaround!