Sunday, 28 September 2014


I love synergy.  It originally became important to me on a personal level when I started dabbling in essential oils.  It was amazing to see an oil that worked well on it's own become even more effective in combination with other complimentary oils.

These days I see synergy all around me.  I think the longer you live somewhere creating a garden or permaculture systems, the more obvious it becomes.  Everything starts to work together after a few years because plants become established, routines are in place and life begins to flow.

Synergy is like magic and meant-to-be!

For example, today is warm and windy.  The first very warm day this spring.  I needed to rake out the milking shed because the weather is becoming snakey.  I don't want any nasty surprises while we're milking.  I was left with lots of hay to use.  Today's weather is also perfect for cleaning the chook shed.  Voila!  I have the dry hay to put to use! 
I cleaned the perches, walls, cleaned out the soiled hay and sprinkled sulphur powder on the perches in case of mites.  In went the hay with some fragrant herbs to discourage insects.  I used lavender and rosemary.  And what do you know, the lavender needed to be cut back from the chook gate because it was starting to impede the gate from opening.  I had also been meaning to prune the rosemary for quite some time.  It all worked together nicely with each job tying in with the other.
I put fresh straw in their little yard and scattered more herbs over the top.  I dusted the chooks with sulphur to treat in case they have mites, sprayed their legs with olive oil to smother any scaly leg mites and put a splash of homemade cider vinegar in their water.  The chooks made the most beautiful, contented cooing sounds when they came back to their pen.

The current issue of Organic Gardener (October) has a great article on cleaning chook pens which is where I got the idea for the herbs.  I love my Organic Gardener magazine so I'd encourage you to buy it.

I see synergy when the weeds all appear early in spring, just as I'm needing green stuff for the compost I'm making.
I see it when I care for the garden and then the wasted leaves I've grown return to the garden to create more fertility so I can garden more.
I see it in the fact that I care for my chooks, they supply me with eggs, they poop heaps, the poop creates fertility in the soil which grows greens that I can feed to my chooks.
I see synergy in the fact that I spend so much time caring for my garden and the garden rewards me by soothing my soul.
I've only noticed synergy in nature.  Does it happen elsewhere?

Do you see magic at your place too?


Suzie Simplelife said...

It must have been the weekend for cleaning out the chook sheds....I clean out twice a week, but every now and then do a scrub out with hot water and a little eucalyptus oil....I always put lavender, rosemary, peppermint and any other herbs I have growing in the clean straw to help with pests and also smell.....loving this sunshine... and I agree about the synergy.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

At this time of year the leafy greens and snails are abundant and the chickens need the extra greens and protein to keep up with all the eggs they are laying. I believe there is always magic around but sometimes we forget to look for it.

Farmer Liz said...

Lovely post Linda, I can't think of any examples right now, but I know what you mean...

Linda said...

Gee Suzie! Twice a week! And I thought my chooks were well cared for! Lucky chookies. I hope they reward you well.

Yes Fiona, they do love the grass and insects at this time of year. I'm loving having heaps of eggs again.

Thanks Liz.