Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tired but productive

It's been a great week around here with lots of busy spring activity taking place.  With the school term starting, we've resumed our weekly activities.  I had missed our Social Swimming program where I get to jump in the pool with the kids and have an hour of songs and fun.

Pumpkin's bathers disintegrated through sheer overuse last term so rather than buy a new pair, I made her a swimming costume.  I can't call them bathers really because they are not very conventional but I had left over fabric from making the bags.   Using a sheet, a pyjama pants pattern and a modified sundress pattern, I came up with an outfit.  Pumpkin LOVES wearing them.
It's been a week of finding a hard-to-find rooster and a pet silky.
Uh huh!  You're seeing it right.  It's on her bed!!

A week of expecting six Orpington chicks and getting instead...  only one little chicken which we suspect is a moggy.

This week Argoo went on heat.  (Is that correct goat terminology?)  So we had a rushed visit from a nearby Saanen buck!  It wasn't successful because, while they both showed some interest and pranced around a bit, they didn't do the important bit.  Oh well, I'll try again next month.

The garden has been needing my attention but my efforts are paying off!  We eating lots of beautiful, fresh lettuce at the moment and I've even been organised enough to plant more lettuce to follow!

We harvested broad beans this week.  Have you discovered yet how much fun podding is for children?!

Most of our enthusiasm this week though, has gone into preparing for a trip away.  We're travelling to New South Wales next week to take part in the Flotilla with the Pacific Climate Warriors.   I like involving my children in actions to address climate change because I want them to realise that they are not powerless.  I want them to believe they can play an important part in creating the world they want to live in.
My big lesson for the week has been the realisation of the importance of sleep in our busy lifestyle!  I have been struggling to sleep for some unknown reason and it's driving me mad!  I go to bed, sort of sleep but not quite.  I seem to spend the whole night in a half asleep, half awake state and it has impacted on me.  I'm dragging my feet (and feeling grumpy) during the day.  Our lives are so physical with leading goats up and down hills, carting water etc.  I've realised that after a good, refreshing sleep, I feel able to take on the world but without it I struggle to get through each day.

Now that I've made this clear connection between sleep and my ability to function well, what do I do with this awareness?  Do you ever suffer from insomnia and have you found a solution for it?


purplepear said...

Oh you are doing such wonderful things down your way. I love Pumpkins costume! Sorry once again to be missing you when you make your journey north. We are off tomorrow. Oh the stress of it all. We keep getting told everything will be just fine once we are on our way. I would also have loved to see the flotilla. Never mind.

Linda said...

Kate, I can't imagine how wond up you must be feeling to be leaving the farm and going o/s! You'll have such an adventure though. I can't wait to hear all about it on your blog. Say hi to Mark. xxx

Suzie Simplelife said...

Hi Linda I also have the same sleep issues..I think I can't switch my brain off at night.....have found that Swiss Sleep really helps. They are a herbal supplement and seem to let your brain relax. Worth a try.. Well done for getting your children involved in environmental issues. Hope the message gets out there.

myproductivebackyard said...

I think its fantastic that you keep your kids involved in sustainability fights. So many parents struggle with beginning such a big conversation with their kids, which is why I wrote a bit of a conversation-starter on my blog. We've got to rely on our kids for our future, and sustainability is the only way forward.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I lover her bathing suit and how great that she does too. Glad to hear the garden is going well. I know that having a lot on my mind keeps me awake at night and I find that just ticking a few things off my to do list helps get things back in balance. Enjoy your trip it is great you can involve the kids.

Kathy said...

Love the 'bathing costume'! What a great idea. I have learned to sleep, which sounds a little strange but I am careful what I eat or drink at night and I listen to music orread something mellow before I go to bed and let the junk in my mind settle down! Good luck!

Anne@ArtyGreen in Paradise said...

As well as your other photos I love the doll with the broadbean hat.
The sleep issue - I keep a pot of handmade body butter to which I have added extra lavender oil (which aids sleep) and rub my legs and feet with it if I can't sleep - seems to work, and doesn't get all over the sheets. If desperate I make a hot milky drink (for the trypto..) and as a last resort take something for the joint aches which are the most likely cause of the problem for me.

Darren (Green Change) said...

A wind-down routine at night has helped me get to sleep better. I've also found that lemon balm tea before bed gives me a very sound sleep.

Evi said...

Just popping in to recommend magnesium tablets for sleeplessness. Take two each night before bed - make them a good quality one that contains several different forms of magnesium. Works wonders! xx

Chris said...

Your last picture is interesting, because I was going to suggest giving up coffee. I used to have so many coffees a day I lost count. When I gave them up, it was a horrible week or so, but eventually I acclimatised.

Now when I have coffee, it doesn't give me that buzz any more. It feels like a waste of ingested calories so I don't even drink the occasional one.

It really helped my brain regulate itself better though. Also if you're sleeping in bed, try deep breathing. Which is just breathe in until you cannot suck in any more, and then slowly breathe out.

A couple of breathes like this, kills the tension in my shoulders and then my brain explodes. Ha! Not literally. It just kind of buzzes. I have the best nights sleep afterwards.

Being busy, I've found, requires an equal amount of dedication in relaxing. ;)

Linda said...

Wow! So many great comments and ideas!

Suzie I hadn't thought about a herbal supplement! Worth a try.

Myproductivebackyard, yes we should be having conversations with our kids. It's so important!

Thanks Fiona, I think you're right! I feel behind on a lot of tasks and it weighs on me.

Kathy thank you. And thanks for the tips. I 'very got so many ideas from everyone!

Anne the aching at night must drive you mad...

Darren, haha, I killed my lemon balm. I must source some more.

Hi Evi, I hadn't heard of a connection between magnesium and sleeplessness. I must give it a try. Maybe dried apricots?

Chris, good spotting! First thing on the packing list. I only have coffee first thing in the morning before nine because I did used to have major sleep issues caused by it. I can't imagine giving it up altogether though! I joke with the kids that they should never get in the car with me if I haven't had my morning coffee.