Friday, 28 November 2014

A productive spring

This spring has seemed more springy than most!  We always enjoy the garden at this time of year but,  armed with good gardening advice from a friend, I'm currently enjoying my most successful and abundant garden yet!  I have so much lettuce that I'm feeding it to the chooks as well as their regular fare of scraps and mash. They love it!!
We've also been enjoying success with our poultry.   We've had lots of broody girls and have quickly popped eggs under the snugly, feathery bottoms.  It has paid off with lots of cuteness happening in the orchard!  We have two more hens sitting and they should be hatching babies this week.

Hahahaha!  The above photos are terrible but I had to risk life and limb to take them.  I wasn't getting any closer.  Mum and Dad geese are SCARY!!!
I love it when things go right around here.  Soon we will produce even more eggs, have some home grown poultry to enjoy eating and hopefully soon I can start preserving food to enjoy in the cooler months next year.

I also had some unexpected visitors this week.  Rosie popped over without letting me know. 
 It was sooo nice to see my cheeky little granddaughter!  And Rosie and I had a great time and even spent a girly night watching DVDs and eating cheese and chocolate!

How are things at your place and how does your garden grow?!


Cheryl said...

Could you arm us with that good gardening advice to??

Kim said...

Your garden looks awesome! It is a great feeling when the universe lines up and you are producing so much food yourself. I am having the opposite at the moment with the goats and sheep sneaking in and eating stuff!! Rosie looks soooo cute .... your blog is so exciting and uplifting , you must be the coolest nanna in the world !

EcoGrrl said...

I feel warm just reading all this while up here in the chilly Oregon winter! :)